Terra Nova Tent Review – The Different Tents Offered

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Are you planning to have a weekend getaway and go camping? Then you need a cozy and a convenient tent among other things! Terra Nova is a leading producer of excellent camping tents that will make your vacation or trip rewarding. Here are some of the award-winning and famous Terra Nova tents:

Laser Ultra 1

This superb tent is the lightest double-wall tent in the world which paved way to Terra Nova’s earning a place in the Guinness World Record, and thus owning such thing will surely heighten your pride. Laser Ultra 1 weighs just 496g as specified by the manufacturer. However, the stakes used to fix the floor are additional weight but they don’t weigh that much. The tent is good for only one person so if you usually go camping alone or you love sleeping alone, then this tent is for you. Moreover, this is the best thing for backpack campers since it is not much of a burden and it will provide more space for other things in your backpack unlike other bulkier and heavier tents.

However, the Cuben Fiber floor is not that thick so it is not advisable for rugged or rocky camping areas unless you don’t mind patching up punctures. Since the floor is thin, you need another groundsheet. The tent has also low headroom but despite these little inconveniences, the Laser Ultra 1 is generally sturdy and can give you ultimate protection from cold, rainy, windy, or hot nights. But, prepare yourself for the price as it is somewhat expensive but will definitely be a good investment.

Wild Country Hoolie

This is a new Terra Nova tent. Wild Country Hoolie 2, one of the sizes of Hoolie, won the Best in Test award this year because of its durability and amazing design. This is heavier than the Laser Ultra 1 weighing at least 2.3kg. Even with this weight, it is still good for an overnight camp or for a long vacation camp.

Wild Country Hoolie tent is designed like a tunnel so setting it up is not much of a problem since pegging and pitching with this kind of tent design would be very easy. It provides a lot of room and has higher headroom than the Laser so you can move more freely with this kind of tent. Like the Laser, it can also withstand whatever is the condition of the weather and will keep you snug, dry and comfortable.

This kind of tent comes with different sizes – Hoolie 2, Hoolie 3, and Hoolie 3. You can visit Terra Nova or Moosejaw websites to know more about the specifications of each size so you will be sure on what size is appropriate for you.

Terra Nova Laser Competition 1

If you are looking for an affordable lightweight tent, then this tent is for you! This tent weighs from 860g to 940g depending on the completeness of the accessories so it is definitely lighter than the Wild Country Hoolie but a little bit heavier than the Laser Ultra1. Moreover, it is cheaper than the Laser.

Like all Terra Nova tents available with Moosejaw coupon codes, the material that this tent is made of is of the highest quality so you are assured of protection from the scorching sun, strong winds, heavy downpours, and even annoying mist formed by condensation. Laser Competition 1 can provide you enough room for your camping materials without overcrowding the tent. Ventilation is also good with the tent’s structure on its sides. Just like the first two kinds of Terra Nova tents, Laser Competition 1 is also good for only one person.

In general, Terra Nova Tents are made of high quality materials like silicone-covered fabric which helps in regulating temperature inside the tent and makes the tent waterproof, and Cuben Fiber for canopy and tent floor. They are also good for one night camping or extended camping holidays. They are suitable for both neophyte campers and professional campers. They provide maximum comfort no matter what how bad the weather is and they are worth your money since they are long lasting.

The Terra Nova tents, however, have their limitations. The Laser Ultra 1, for example, is not convenient for very tall people since the headroom is limited unless that is not considered as an inconvenience by the user. The Wild Country Hoolie adds weight to your already heavy load and is not recommended for sandy or loose soil since the pegs are very small unless you’re going to change them into something bigger for them to pin the tent to the ground securely. And if you are looking for a tent for two or more people, then the above-mentioned tents are not for you but you can check the Terra Nova Family Camping tents.

Terra Nova offers a wide range of tents which you can see on its website. You can also buy other tent accessories from Terra Nova.

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