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Not everyone is a fan of sports sandals. It is a difficult idea to have the foot exposed without some sort of attractive or practical covering for some people. Yet there are real reasons why people should actually consider wearing them. Sandals like Teva’s Terra-Fi are not only attractive, sporty and comfortable, but they can also offer some practical benefits.

People who wear these type of sandals often they don’t have to deal with odor. When it gets warm outside and people are doing more and more that makes their bodies sweat, their feet aren’t excluded. Feet sometimes sweat more than any other part of the body for certain individuals. Sweat can also create an environment for odor causing bacteria to help form spots of irritation and discomfort. Sport sandals allow the feet to breathe, stay cool and dry.

They also can give you the added bonus of making your feet look better! You can’t always wear the shoes you want to, but sandals offer a comfortable and attractive alternative. If you are able to find an outstanding pair of sandals that rival the comfort of your sneakers and they look attractive, you’ve got it made!

So many things happen when the weather is warm and it takes time to sit down, put on socks and tie your sneakers. Sandals are so much quicker and more convenient! They offer even more convenience when you are out and about. When you head to the beach or you find yourself by a pool, it takes just a few second to remove those sandals and dip your feet! Better yet, if your sandals won’t get damaged by the water, just dip them in right on your feet!

Feet in enclosed shoes get moist and during the summertime, fungal infections skyrocket! Especially if you are playing a lot of sports or doing outdoor activities like hiking. If you wear a comfortable and rugged sports sandal, fungus won’t be attracted to the dry conditions on your feet. Nothing can compare to the relief of not having the excruciating itch of foot fungal infections from simply wearing sandals!

If you have kids or grandchildren, you will find that most of them prefer sandals. It takes a lot less coercion and hassle when you ask a child to put on their sandals as opposed to any other kind of footwear. If you are lucky enough to have been able to get a pair of slide on sandals for your kids, you’ve got it made.

Sandals are not as chunky as sneakers and other forms of footwear so they travel nicely. People love to vacation during sandal weather and traveling with more than one pair of shoes is easier with sandals. They also free up space for other items that need to be packed and you can often avoid having to bring extra luggage.

You can walk on land and in water in sports sandals like Teva! It is much safer to wear something on your feet when walking on the beach and in the water. You don’t have to change shoes when you are wearing sandals in that situation. They can also be environmentally friendly, so if you happen to lose one you don’t have to fret about the negative impact it will have on the environment.

Finally, these sandals are just plain fashionable. Whether you are hiking in the woods or taking a stroll in your local mall, your feet will look great!

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