The 300 Movie Workout – What We All Overlooked

The 300 Movie Workout - What We All Overlooked

The 300 Movie Workout - What We All Overlookedblack t shirt

The movie 300 no longer needs an introduction. The connection between the movie and my site, should also be obvious. Everyone’s writing about and reviewing the movie, and the buffed up warriors, and especially – the grueling workout routine that the actors had to endure in order to look how they did in the movie. It’s obvious that a little manipulation of makeup played a small role in enhancing the definition of their physiques, but make no mistake – they DID have lean, admirable physiques that made most of us walk out of the cinema saying “wow… i wish I looked like that…”.

So, allow me to fast forward to Mark Twight – the exercise guru and former world-class mountain climber with a no-pain-no-gain attitude who is the man behind the training of the actors who he put through his routine called, what else – 300. The actors trained for a duration ranging from eight to ten weeks with a goal of shaping them to look not like bodybuilders, but as close as possible to a Greek warrior. What’s the difference you ask? A bodybuilder’s routine would focus more on individual bodyparts, tweaking and focusing on exercises that would eventually build the best looking physique – symmetrical, having correct proportions and lots of muscle mass. A ‘Greek warrior’ physique would however have a more ‘raw’ and functional appearance, not necessarily big and muscular, with a focus not on pretty looking muscles, but a fit, lean, mean machine.. basically an ordinary guy who is very fit and lean, and strong – the look of having muscles that are there for a purpose.

The routine?

# 25 pull-ups

# 50 deadlifts with 135 lbs

# 50 push-ups

# 50 box jumps (24-inch box)

# 50 “floor wipers” (a core and shoulders exercise with 135 lbs)

# 50 “clean and press” with a kettlebell (36 lbs)

# 25 more pull-ups

Sum up the total number of repetitions, and you get a total of 300, which is how the routine got its name. The challenge is that you’re supposed to do it within 20 minutes.

My opinion on the 300 Workout routine:

I think the trainers did an amazing job with the 300 workout routine. My first reaction was ‘WOW’. It is indeed an amazing routine obviously built for those who are already fit. No ordinary guy/newbie/gym first-timer can hope to pull this off.

Interestingly, as I was reading deeper into this, It took me by surprise that EVERY SINGLE SITE and REVIEW on the 300 workout routine I came across focused entirely on their workout and what the actors endured – I mean, yeah, it’s not your everyday workout routine and I take my hat/ navy veteran t shirt and weight training gloves off for them, but the fact that everyone is only talking about their exercise routine proves to a certain extent that many still fail to realize that NUTRITION plays a BIGGER role in altering our physique than the workout itself. Muscles grow when your body is at rest – NOT at the gym. Why is everyone talking about the workout only? Why isn’t there an equal amount of writeups on what they ate? I assure you they weren’t eating a bowl of cornflakes or toasted bread with jam for their breakfast. These guys were almost certainly eating like champions – eating like a Greek warrior may I say?

I’d like to stress to everyone – that the 300 workout (or any other quick-fix you see in a mag) is NOT the holy grail to a better physique. Yeah, it may help shock your system into new growth, but at the end, its that thing you’re stuffing your mouth with that is going to determine the outcome of your hard work. You are what you eat – yes, that phrase is actually a FACT. I hate to break it to you but I would boldly say that AT LEAST 70% of your ideal physique lies in what you eat – your diet.

Like it or not, proper nutrition IS THE MOST IMPORTANT factor for muscle growth. Without proper nutrition, you will make little or no gains and eventually only frustrate yourself and quit because you don’t see progress. The importance of ‘raw materials’ for your body to use can’t be stressed enough. So if you’re someone looking for a short cut or a quick fix to a better physique, I think you’d be better off spending that time learning about proper nutrition.

If you can’t even get sufficient amounts of protein in your diet, consume balanced meals spread throughout the day, and adequate rest, don’t even bother trying the 300 workout – you’re just barking up the wrong tree. Some of us can’t even find the willpower to cardio for 30 minutes. I’m reminded of a friend who thought that 15 mins of cardio before his workout, and another 15 mins after is equivalent as a 30 minute cardio session. Who are we trying to kid except ourselves…

Okay, now that I’ve got the frustration of the 300 workout craze out, does anyone out there actually know what these actors ate?

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