The Disadvantages of Chinese Shanzhai Culture

The Disadvantages of Chinese Shanzhai Culture

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The current Shanzhai culture does reflect some disadvantages. The biggest problem is that it often constitutes an infringement of copyright, patent, and trademark. For some mainland observer, Shanzhai is a repugnant word. For them, it is simply the latest symptom of the pirate culture that results in fake versions of everything from clothes to electronics, as well as another unwelcome indication of the slavish devotion of the young to all things materialistic.

But to characterize an industry that’s now responsible for a quarter of all mobile phones on the mainland as a mere counterfeiting operation is to both misunderstand and downplay the significance of the craze.

OK, let us have a look at the market. For years, the world famous luxuries brands like LV, Prada, GUCCI were accusing the fake goods manufacturers of using their brands illegally, saying that they were violating the morality. However, the companies like LV, GUCCI could boast their products for a demanding price at some 20 to 50 thousand RMB. The real cost of their products are quite low, only less than several hundred.

They are cheating the customers potentially. And this is one of the important reasons that Shanzhai culture covered our life so rapidly, which is it comes from folk. This is a new culture on the basis of imitate. In my opinion, the Shanzhai phenomena become so popular because of its turning the formal hard to close life to informal common people’s life. Whereas, we know that every coin has two sides.

The new culture sends us some improper information while entertaining us, especially for children who are unable to make a choice to absorb what kind of information around them. Some kind of Shanzhai culture may certainly have a negative influence for them. As a result, although it is still not a mature system and has a long way to go, Shanzhai culture is enjoying enormous appeal. Judging from its positive value, the advantages of the Shanzhai culture outweigh its disadvantages.

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