The Dunn’s River Falls In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The Dunn's River Falls In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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If you get the chance to vacation in Ocho Rios in Jamaica you must visit the Dunn’s River Falls.

The only way I can describe The Dunn’s River Falls is amazing! You start your tour at sea level from a sandy beach and then your guide will instruct you to make a human daisy chain by holding hands with the person in front of and behind you. Then your guide will start you on your journey as you climb 600 feet to the top of the falls.

Now I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived but I was imagining a leisurely hike up through a river where I would eventually see the falls but it was much more than that. These falls consist of a series of mini falls that cascade down a river which at times is moving quite rapidly. You start off picking your way through the river walking from rock to rock much like when you were a kid, trying not to get wet…but that doesn’t last too long because you soon end up waist deep in a pool of rushing water trying to keep your balance. Holding hands turned out to be a very good idea!

On our day there were hundreds of people climbing the river and from below it looked like this was going to hold us up but that would prove not to be the case. Maneuvering through the river takes some careful concentration even though your guide will provide explicit instructions as to where to place your feet. At times we would be walking along the edge of a mini falls that would be 6 to 8 feet high with a strong current rushing past our legs but I never felt threatened of falling because we held on to each other and our expert guide knew exactly where to step.

One neat thing that we noticed was that the rocks were not slippery. Back home these rocks would have been covered in a greenish black slime that would have made it next to impossible to keep your balance but these rocks were clean, allowing a good foothold.

Speaking of footing water shoes are the best to wear on your feet. Sandals will not provide the stability you will need and could cause your foot to roll off one of the steeper rocks.

There were several children in our group ranging from the age of 6 up to 12 and while it was a challenge for some of the adults to maneuver through the river you had to keep a strong grip on the kids to help them over the steeper rocks and faster moving sections. As the adults tried their best not to get too wet the kids being kids didn’t give a hoot and some just dunked themselves completely in the pools. In the end though it didn’t matter much because we all got soaked from head to toe as we stopped at the larger falls for a photo opportunity with each family leaning
back against an enormous boulder with the warm and refreshing water cascading over us.

What started out looking like a stroll through a river ended up to be something much more exciting and challenging.

Would we do it again…you betchya!

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