The Evanescence Of Chivalry

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Do you remember the tales from when you were young? The chivalry of men, of how they would lay their coats over puddles of water to save your shoes or the holding open of a door and allowing you to pass through first? What has happened to these men? Did they all vanish back to Mars?

There is equality of course, as I have no doubt that many would argue that women should be just as chivalrous as men but personally that signals the end of life as we know it. For centuries the majority of men have been courteous and gentlemanly but that seems to be disappearing in to the ether and what we will be left with is a world in which doors are slammed and puddles walked through. To put it another way, manners will have evaporated.

That is what chivalry is at the end of the day. Plain old common courtesy and good manners. Perhaps the expectation of a gentleman laying his coat over a puddle so that the ladies’ Christian Louboutin’s are not damaged by the water is going a little far but you get the drift. Mr Darcy would be horrified.

What has caused the sudden change in male and female behaviour? Potentially it is a combination of women wanting to be regarded as equal where possible, both men and women losing their ability to be polite by acknowledging the courtesy bestowed upon them and of course there is good old feminism.

It is becoming far more frequent that people do not acknowledge the good deeds that are done for them either by strangers or acquaintances. Surprisingly this is becoming particularly evident in the elderly. Respect goes both ways though and they for one should recognise this fact.

Then there is equality and feminism which broadly speaking allow for an even greater exchange of courtesy and should definitely not allow for bad manners. Women, if you want to be the one to open the door then by all means you are more than welcome to do so and vice versa for men. Whatever you do though, don’t just let it slam behind you in to the face of the person following.

Oh, and one last thing, remember to say thank you if another human being, male or female, bestows upon you a kindness no matter how small as they have taken a moment out of their day to ensure that yours is a little better.

write by Osmund

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