The Friendship Dilemma – How to Become Your Best Guy Friend’s Girlfriend

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Do you want to know how to become your best friend’s girlfriend? Does he have any idea how you really feel about him? Are you trying to work up the nerve to tell him how you feel? You might be surprised to know how common this situation is. Women often fall in love with their best guy friend for all the same reasons that they became friends in the first place. You know each other so well, you’d be great as a couple! To become your best friend’s girlfriend, follow a few simple suggestions.

1. Move things up a gear

You need to take it slowly otherwise he may be shocked by the change of pace in the relationship and feel uneasy about seeing you in a romantic light. You could make more effort to be involved in his daily life, maybe meet up for lunch on a work day or go for a bike ride at the weekend. Show an interest in what’s going on with him, if he has any dilemmas or worries right now then help him to work through them. He will appreciate your kindness and come to rely on your opinion on important matters.

2. Flirt a little

Only a little though! Gently gently is the key to making the shift from platonic friendship to being your best friend’s girlfriend. Maybe you could dress a little prettier than you usually do around him, wear a touch more make-up, or – and this is a good one – take to wearing some super sexy shoes. Guys LOVE sexy shoes, there is no way he’ll be able to avoid looking at you in a different light if you’re wearing shoes that scream that you’re a tigress. Make sure you get a pedicure for this one too.

3. Cut back on the guy stuff

If you want to be his girlfriend, stop being one of the guys. Make sure he knows you are not interested in hearing about his exploits on dates with other girls. If you act jealous as well as uninterested, he will start to realize that there is more to this than just friendship. There’s nothing wrong with a little sulk every now and then, especially if he comes to you for advice on other women.

Don’t lose heart if it takes a while. It’s a big ask, to go from being best friends to romantic partners. If you want to successfully make the transition from best friend to become your best friend’s girlfriend then do it one step at a time. You have such a strong shared background together already that the future as a couple has huge potential. You already know his faults and he already knows yours, you know each other’s dreams and probably share a few too. You’re way ahead of couples who met in a bar and have been dating for a while so hang on in there. When he’s ready to take it to the next level, you will be waiting with open arms for him to fall in to. How lucky you are to have fallen in love with your best friend.

write by Edsel

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