The Fun in Barbados – Caribbean

The Fun in Barbados - Caribbean

The Fun in Barbados - Caribbean

In the region around the Barbados, two specific style holiday are available, both as expensive. Stay on the west side of the island and pay handsomely for your spoiled or thrown by plane to neighboring Grenadines, to pay a fortune to feel simple, natural, ecological and low …

When I visited Barbados for the first time, fifteen years ago or so, expect to see land next to zacharofyteies polo and people to drink tea, knowing that the island had command over English 341 years (it won independence in 1966). The true picture, however, was more grounded: On beaches, selling souvenirs and Itinerant involved kotsidakia hair, tourists on a catamaran drink rum and went tonnes calypso, the local Harpoons flirt blonde tourists. Those in the south, in St Laurence Gap or simply the Gap, the hip spot on the island that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. The nearby hotels are the appropriate basis for those who prefer to be near the nightlife.

The Casuarina, the Allamanda, the Bougainvilla and Accra Beach, other than amazing beaches and have a distinctive local color, which is not the opulence and expensive on the west coast. In the main strip of Gap, reggae music sounds almost every door and a crowd of young drink «daisies» happy hour in the Cafe Sol, while others leave the bars dressed in shorts and T-shirts, drinking Mount Gay rum from the bottle. Every Thursday we all gathered at the Ship Inn, why playing live is known reggae band For the People, while on Fridays the place is the Boatyard, a colorful bar in Bridgetown, the capital.

Where to stay: What if you do not have a holiday in the Caribbean? No problem. House hotel in a very graphic Tamarind Cove lets you you are the owner of the house – without the housing! The boutique hotel ntizainato and raises the bar on services offered by assigning to each visitor a «ambassador», to satisfy all his whims. For dinner, the hotel has the honor of belonging to the famous Daphne’s (yes, the famous London), the most distinctive and sexy restaurant on the island, with low lights, tick Indonesian furniture and curtains to metaxotes anemizoun

write by Athena Nguyen

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