The Gift of Life and the Presents It Brings

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I wonder if you see life as a gift or whether, like me, you have been guilty of taking it all for granted? Too often we get so caught up in the busyness of daily life, drawn in by all the problems and dramas, that it is too easy to forget to remember the incredibly amazing gifts we hold in our hands.

This article could be about reminding you of friends, loved ones, acquaintances who have already passed on and who would maybe have relished a little more time. It could be about reminding you that right now, while you are reading this, there are many people clinging to life and fighting all sorts of disease and hardships, hoping against hope for just a bit longer. It could also be about asking you to take a look around you at the beggar on the street corner, the people who are suffering from poverty and lack throughout the world and being grateful you’re not walking in their shoes but, I wouldn’t tell you to do that because, it’s not about that at all.

I’m curious to know whether you ever think about the other type of gifts that life delivers to us? I wonder if you ever wonder about the presents that present themselves in the form of problems? If you can see the gift they present in the form of an incredible feeling of accomplishment as we stretch and flex our imaginations to reach the solutions. Do you walk through your garden and tut at the weeds without noticing the flowers?

Can you imagine how silly it is to forget to remember about our presents such as the present moment, the only moment you are sure of having. Will you store up the gift of happiness for later and say I’ll be happy when… or will you accept it now?

I wonder if you will take this present moment to stop what you’re doing and really notice all the gifts you already have, right now? Will you choose to marvel in the beauty of life, the uniqueness of all the people who fill your life? Will you take the time to stop for a moment to think about all the joys they bring and give thanks? Do you even notice or has much of this become something just taken for granted?

I wonder if you ever really take the time to wonder…

write by Aurora

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