The Goddess Guide to Mother’s Day – Four Low-Cost Ways Dad Can Make Her Day Divine

The Goddess Guide to Mother's Day - Four Low-Cost Ways Dad Can Make Her Day Divine

The Goddess Guide to Mother's Day - Four Low-Cost Ways Dad Can Make Her Day Divineblack t shirt

OK, Dads, whatever gave you the silly idea that seeing to it that the young’uns come bearing gifts for Mom is the ONLY thing you’re supposed to do about Mother’s Day? A prudent man quickly learns that women usually expect a bit more from him than that.

Sigmund Freud nailed it when he said, “Woman! What does she want?” It’s really a no-brainer–she wants to know you see her as the Goddess she truly is.

Perhaps you never thought of your woman as a goddess before. Well, maybe it’s time to open your eyes to her true nature.

Who but a goddess would be willing to:

~ embrace martyrdom,

~ suspend her use of critical judgment, and

~ forgive all our sins for the rest of our lives?

A mother, that’s who!

Who but a mother would go all teary-eyed over jewelry handcrafted from styrofoam chips or go out in public proudly wearing tennis denver broncos hawaiian shirt that someone had embellished with pasta?

Women are born multi-taskers. So naturally the holiday, with its focus solely on her “mother goddess” image, ends up leaving her hungry for a little more recognition for the other (and let’s face it, sexier) roles that she places in the family.

Take her Aphrodite aspect, for example. (Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of romance who was so irresistible that she herself became the first recorded aphrodisiac.) No wonder a woman longs to have her various feminine powers acknowledged every now and again!

Here’s how to treat your Goddess to the best Mother’s Day ever.

Give her Aphrodite’s famous beauty potion . . . the gift of sleep.

Sleep is a rarity for most moms, something highly treasured and that they seldom manage to get enough of. Researchers tell us that women’s sleep patterns change when they give birth. Woefully, they never sleep as soundly again.

Be the first to get out of bed and creep silently out of the room to throttle the kids (figuratively speaking) and keep them quiet so she catch up on her zzzzzzzzz’s . They don’t call it a ‘beauty rest’ for nothing!

Feed her ambrosia. . . the food of the gods.

Ambrosia (a fancy name for fruit salad sweetened with a lovin’ spoonful of honey) was once meant to show just how special and privileged the gods and goddesses were. It is no longer beyond the means of the most culinary-challenged mortals, thanks to the pre-chopped fresh fruit medleys found in the produce section of almost any grocery store.

(Optional: Breakfast in bed. A handwritten note on the breakfast tray or table that says something sentimental like: “For a Goddess like you, only Ambrosia will do!”)

Invoke the aid of the Greek goddess Mnemosyne.

Mnemosyme was the Greek goddess of memory and the mother of the Muses. She’s willing to help. Memories forge strong bonds in a relationship. What better time to bring them out than on Mother’s Day?

Cuddle together on the couch, photo albums in your laps, and revisit your courtship days, baby’s first photo, the adventures and mishaps of toddlers, and the harrowing years of parenting a teen . . . you get the idea.

Don’t shy away from the hard times as you reminisce–some painful events become downright humorous with the passage of time. At the very least, each of you will recall how good it felt to have someone to share the burden when the going was tough.

This might even be the perfect chance to say “I felt like the luckiest man alive when you didn’t walk out on me when I (fill in the blank with any transgression, misdemeanor, or felony you committed at an earlier date).

Cast a spell with three magical words.

There is a powerful mantra that’s easy to learn. It’s just three words. You know what they are. Women love to hear them.

A guy I knew proposed to his wife by saying, “Honey, I want you to marry me.

I love you. If that ever changes, I’ll let you know.”

This is risky behavior. Don’t even think of going there! Instead, be her hero and learn to pronounce those three magical words.

Practice often.

So . . . what does a woman really want?

Like any self-respecting goddess, she wants it all! But she’ll be insanely happy just to see she’s worshipped and adored by a god like you.

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write by Donaldson

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