The Husky Cargo Liners Put A Trusted Brand Together With A Great Product

The Husky Cargo Liners Put A Trusted Brand Together With A Great Product

The Husky Cargo Liners Put A Trusted Brand Together With A Great Productblack t shirt

Shield your rear cargo area in one of 3 universal colors. Your Husky Cargo Liner is backed by a Lifetime Warranty against cracking and breaking.

With all of the things you carry in the back, the potential for ruining your interior is very high. Enter the Husky Cargo Liner–impenetrable protection that’s custom-made for your vehicle.

Muddy shoes, dirty pets and spilled groceries don’t stand a chance against the Husky Cargo Liner. The advanced thermoplastic material stands up to common spills, and even resists gas, oil and battery acid. Plus, the Husky Cargo Liner boasts a tall outer rim to keep mud, muck and moisture on the mat and off your carpet.

After you get it messy, the Husky Cargo Liner can be cleaned in seconds by pulling it out and spraying it off with a garden hose. Put it back in, and Husky’s exclusive “SPiN Sta-Put” spikes make sure your Cargo Liner won’t shift around. Plus, the treaded surface keeps whatever you put on top from sliding around.

husky cargo liners user comments:

“These really help keep water and dirt off the carpet in my SUV, with winter weather around the corner I’m glad I have these!”

“Second set of Husky Liners I have owned. Nissan Titan and Grand Cherokee, both fit excellently and both saved the life of my carpets, look great and easy to clean, just spray them down with a hose and your good to go”

“This product makes keeping the floor in the truck clean, easy. I like the fact that it traps mud and moisture and keeps the carpet clean.This ,I’m sure ,will help the resale value of the truck.”

The fit is great and protects the entire rear area. Have found it easy to clean. When I need the rear seats for the grandkids , the liner can be removed in a few seconds.”

“I got the front 2 liners and the rear cargo liner in tan. The color matches the interior great and thay all fit perfectly. I like the protection and have used these liners before in my E 450 RV chassis. They are easy to remove, clean and replace.”

“This looks nothing like the picture and is very cheep and I can’t believe I spent $78.00 on it.”

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