The Importance of Giving Without Boundaries

The Importance of Giving Without Boundaries

The Importance of Giving Without Boundariesblack t shirt

We live in a stressful world where it can be difficult sometimes to keep up with the financial demands that living requires. Today is a “New Age” a new time for Americans to start “Giving Without Boundaries.” With our ever changing economy forcing people to make important decisions regarding their finances, healthcare and more- people need hard to find resources more than ever now. From the poor to the rich – everyone is affected by a floundering economy. But, our nation’s poor carry the brunt force of economical downfalls. Those said, as I put together the pages of my “Giving Without Boundaries” help-guide – I am reminded of the heart-felt giving of one: “Mama Brown” of Oakland, California, a real estate professional who made a promise. Ms. Brown kept it to send disadvantaged kids to college. Such acts of kindness can make a difference in a poor child’s life. Mama Brown, who made less than $50,000 per year at the time she made the promise – said, ‘ she never heard a child say that they wanted to grow up to be a drug dealer.’

Should we follow in Mother Brown’s footsteps, then we do so with a spirit that won’t be challenged. We keep our eyes on the main course and objective which is to help where help is needed. As I put together the pages of this guide – I have come across many brave acts of kindness that present as a constant reminder of how each of us can begin helping others by starting with the words: “We Can. We Will. And, We Shall.”

It’s a very noble concept to make a difference in someone else’s life. From homelessness to the “Green Movement” to helping those with Muscular Dystrophy and other diseases -all of us can do something to help out where needed. Even something as giving as taking out a sick neighbor’s garbage – can put a smile on a sick person’s face. From helping fellow-man to helping preserve energy- there are so many ways that you probably never considered before. I hope this new help guide will be informative enough to open your eyes to various giving opportunities that you may have never thought about before.

As we look beyond our own personal needs to reach out to help others there are many ways to begin the help process. Oftentimes the cost of helping others can be free. The Giving Without Boundaries help guide will be a great starter home to examine which benevolent causes you’d like to serve. This comprehensive guide will open the door to your getting to know many charities, their mission statements and how they can best be served. Take your time and plan your volunteer attack. If you’re a college student – you might want to base your giving methodology around career interests and internship opportunities. And while you examine the pages of this book – some charities may be familiar to you and others will open your heart to new ways of giving. Remember to keep track of the companies and or organizations that you choose to support by copying the forms at the back of this book for your own personal use. Soon you will find that giving to others is an excellent way for youth to gain working experience while helping out another. It’s also a good way for young college graduates to gain valuable training and experience towards getting the career they most desire.

By writing this guide I have discovered that all one needs to do to make a significant difference in someone’s life is be able to see the need and then open their heart towards assisting. A free spirit towards a new found gesture of helping your fellow man or woman, child, animal or your living environment is fulfilling. If “What Goes Around Comes Around,” one day your giving ways will be returned to you in kind. Few of us know what are true life destiny will be. To get a jump start on your future – do unto others and see how good the results will feel to you.

For instance, when you help a homeless person by giving them some food and they smile at you, nothing is more gratifying to the heart. Or when you mentor a young teen who does not know how to reach out for answers, your wisdom may be the key to what they have been seeking in life. If you rescue an animal with a bruised limb, you feel happy to help where it is most needed. The results of your efforts will indeed breed great fruit however you choose to use it; for you have now planted a seed in that teen’s life to make a difference. To see an adult read for the first time is a glorious turning point for a better future for that individual. All of these things have the tendency to make us want to do more in the name of humanity. While I am speaking along these lines, I’d like to share a very memorable personal experience. Later you will read some ways that other’s changed the course of their own destiny to help another. Whether it’s momentary or a long term commitment to volunteering at a food bank or a hospital – giving without boundaries always leads to duplicitous success. One of the most thoughtful things a person did for me was the quintessential meaning of “Giving Without Boundaries.” One stranger’s unselfish act touched me in a way that changed my life forever. And, he is the inspiration behind this forthcoming book. Here is what happened.

My start in life was not always that pleasant. I was the sixth of sixteen children. My father left the home when I was a small child. With a small army of children to care for – my mother never had time for me. My maternal grandmother died when I was only ten-years old and my paternal grandmother died earlier than that. Needless to say – I was very lonely in a large family. For many years I worked hard and wondered when someone would simply care about me. And then later in life, I discovered that many people had opened their hearts to me who were not family members. So with this admission – I am glad to say that I have been touched by the kind acts of individuals who have helped me from the heart. Some of these people did not know me; but, they saw a need and they provided answers where I thought there were none. And one kind act has the measure of staying with me for the rest of my life. And, that is the act of “Giving Without Boundaries” that I wish to share with you.

A few years ago -I was working as a business consultant in downtown Oakland, California. My boss had sent me on a rush assignment errand in downtown Oakland, California. So, I ran out of my office on a beautiful sunny week day leaving my purse beneath my desk in a locked drawer. After I had finished the chores for my boss I was tired. Rather than walk back to the office, I caught public transportation. So, on this gorgeous spring day I walked to San Pablo thinking that I’d just simply catch AC Transit back to my business office. My assistant had told me she enjoyed taking bus rides in the city, I thought this would be a great day to ride the bus back to work. Later, I sat at the bus stop next to a homeless man who was sleeping on the bench. The unkempt stranger was wrapped tightly inside a mouse colored tarp as he slept on the splintered wooden bench. Soon as I sat next to him he opened his tired blue eyes and said hello. I rose immediately and apologized for having interrupted his sleep.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you up,” I stated. The tired man smiled at me through red, tired eyes. Next, he rolled back over to continue his sleep. It was a nice sunny day in Oakland, California and I was glad that it was not raining on this poor man. Soon the green, white and orange AC Transit bus pulled up to the red curb. And that is when I realized that I did not have money to get on the bus. The driver opened the electric door and I told him, “I forgot my purse. I am sorry you had to stop. Just keep going,” I stated. Right before the driver closed the door – the tired, elderly homeless man sat up and he fought to fish a wrinkled dollar bill out of his dirty plaid los angeles dodgers shirt pocket.

“Take this ma’am,” he stated. Tears rolled instantly down my cheeks. This was the nicest gesture I’d ever seen. “I can’t do that…” I said, worried that this man might need his money for food later. “I insist,” the kind man stated. Everyone from the bus driver to passengers on the bus was moved by this kind man’s gesture and we all waved to him from the bus. Suddenly a spark had come to his eyes and now he was sitting up waving frantically to us as the bus traveled further down the busy street. When I got back to the office it was hard to forget the nice man. Later, I told my co-workers about the nice homeless man at the bus stop and what he did. On the following day -when some of my work team went back to the bus at the same time I was there the day before, we traveled bringing blankets, water and food hoping to see the nice man – but he was not there. For a week we all went back to the bus stop hoping to see the nice man that we never saw again. That stranger’s generosity formed the nexus that changed my life. His kind gesture will remain glued to my heart forever. Now each time I help people like that kind gentleman helped me I am reminded how of what we are all capable of doing for our fellow man.

Today as I was sitting in my rocker contemplating the nice man I mentioned above – I pondered what my next book would be about. It was not long before I knew that I wanted to write a book about giving back. Some of the best memories of my life have to do with giving. There are many ways in which we can make a difference in somebody’s life by just taking the time to help. I am not a rich person, and like most Americans I am but a paycheck away from being tested. I am struggling and trying to hang in there like everyone else, but I am committed to finding some time in my life to reach out to others like others have reached out to me. As you read the Case examples that are the introduction to my help suggestions see which organization fits best and donate your help today.

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