The Importance to Maintaining Shoes Well

The Importance to Maintaining Shoes Well

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Everyone would like the shoes he buys to be long lasting and not fit for using just a few days. The shoes may not be costly but good. Therefore, you would like to use them on days you attend important function. You certainly not like your shoes wear out quickly.

Usually, fast wearing out is due to two reasons which are poor maintenance and poor quality. Quality should be given much importance while buying the shoes.

People generally do not give importance to maintaining shoes well. It should be borne in mind that good shape, style, etc; of the shoes can be maintained only if you take the trouble of maintaining them well. Some ideas as to how shoes can be maintained properly and in order are given below.

Suppose you have shoes made from patent leather. Cracking of the shoes has to be prevented. A very good method to achieve that is rubbing the shoes with some olive oil, milk, or petroleum jelly. The suggestion may look very odd but you get a very good result by doing it.

The next important matter is water proofing the shoes. This is done giving the shoes two coatings of linseed oil which has been boiled. Oil should be allowed to dry, before wearing the shoes. This is an effective method.

White shoes are a bit difficult to be cleaned. Here also there is a practical suggestion. After taking a little cleansing milk on a pad of cotton wool, applying it on shoes and drying it for about 15 minutes, polish them using a clean and dry duster.

Using supports in the shoes will help in maintaining the shoes without their shape being altered due to usage in an ugly looking manner.

These are only a few suggestions; there are umpteen ways which can help you in the proper maintenance of shoes.

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