The Lauren Conrad Olivia Dress

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Lauren Conrad rose to fame as the star of MTV’s Laguna Beach and later on The Hills. She launched her fashion line the Lauren Conrad Collection about two years ago, and the line is known for it’s feminine and flirty dresses. This spring Lauren has introduced several new things into her clothing line, all of which culminate in the fabulous Lauren Conrad Olivia Dress. Keep reading to find out what they are and what makes them so great.

Lauren Conrad is known for her high quality jersey fabrics. Her line started out making every piece solely out of this jersey, which is a mix of modal and lycra/spandex, which gives it sheen and a silky touch. During the Holiday 2008 season she introduced a stretch sateen fabric, and for her Spring 2009 collection Lauren Conrad has added silks! This gorgeous silk fabric is used to make several pieces in her spring collection, but it’s put to it’s best use on the Lauren Conrad Olivia Dress. The dress has a silk chiffon overlay, and it’s lined as well.

Another new thing added to Lauren Conrad’s clothing line this season is a brand new print. Each season she has a different print, and for the first time the line is doing polka dots. But this polka dotted print is a bit different from usual. The polka dots are close together and aren’t spaced evenly. One print is dark blue with black dots on it, and the dots are various sizes. The other two are light pink and light green, both with white dots. The Lauren Conrad Olivia dress comes in all three motifs, but since it’s a bubble dress it’s more flattering in the darker color.

Sheer is in this season, and that’s why adding silks was a great addition to the Lauren Conrad Collection for spring 2009. The Lauren Conrad Olivia dress is a tube dress with elastic at the top and at the hem, giving it a bubble like shape. It also comes with a matching scarf that is tied around the waist to make it more flattering. The dress is short, fun and flirty and the unique print will certainly turn heads. It’s best to wear a bubble mini dress like this with sky high platform slingback peep toed shoes. If you keep the look free of gaudy jewelry, you have plenty of room to have fun with your hairstyle and even wear a statement headband or head piece.

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