The Most Overlooked Mother’s Day Gift is a Pocket Knife!

The Most Overlooked Mother's Day Gift is a Pocket Knife!

The Most Overlooked Mother's Day Gift is a Pocket Knife!black t shirt

As a busy working woman, and mother I am here to tell you that the most cherished gift you can give your mother or wife for Mother’s Day is a nice Pocket Knife! Now, this article might be a hint to my family since I just lost my Pink Edelweiss Classic pocketknife, or it could be a valuable piece of gift-giving advice. Listen to my story and decide for yourself!

My trusty Edelweiss Classic knife served me well for years of living out of the car on my many errands. It was there when I needed to cut the plastic cord between a pair of brand new tennis new york yankees t shirt so I wouldn’t have to trudge through the muddy soccer fields to my daughter’s game in my expensive work shoes. It was also there to cut through all the plastic packaging on CDs my son needed to listen to immediately after purchase. I’m not sure, but I think these CD’s will blow up or some other horrible disaster will happen if you have to wait to listen to them until you get home.

My knife has been my best friend by being there when I had to cut the just noticed loose threads on my coat before going into a job interview. I believe it even helped me get my first raise at that job by being handy when I needed to remove staples during an important board meeting when the staple remover had mysteriously vanished. Always be prepared is not just for Boy Scouts!

I’ll never forget the time I was on a school field trip with the children’s science class when the science teacher ended up with a splinter. My pocketknife was the only thing that was handy to help pry that splinter out of the whining science teacher’s thumb. Who wants to be on a trip with a grouchy science teacher? The kids and other parents were very happy that my little knife was able to save the day!

I believe my little pocketknife and I parted company the day I was trying to carry too many shopping bags and spilled my purse. It was a sad day indeed for me, a happy one for the person who found it lying there ready for the next adventure.

So, now I’m shopping for a new pocketknife and secretly hoping that my significant other or beautiful children will want to present me with one for Mother’s Day. Either another sturdy Edelweiss Classic, or maybe they’ll splurge for the Stockman Pink Ice by Hen and Rooster. Something with a lot of class that works hard, just like me!

If my story has led you to see the value of giving the gift of a pocketknife, you will be surprised to find out how many different styles and sizes they come in. At any price range and taste, a pocketknife is one gift that will keep on giving!

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