Mystery shopper (also called secret shopper): Mystery shoppers go on shopping trips disguised as a typical customer. The purpose is to evaluate a company’s performance based on a checklist provided.

Companies employ secret shoppers to keep their managers and employees “on there toes.”

Several well known business use secret shoppers. Companies like McDonalds, Texas Roadhouse, Taco Bell, and the Olive garden are just a few who regularly use secret shoppers. Mystery shoppers often evaluate department stores, gas stations, golf courses, grocery stores, choo choo charles stores, hotel, casinos, etc.

Yes, most work at home jobs are just scams but mystery shopping can be the exception. Mystery shoppers usually get paid $12-$15 an hour but that’s not exactly a full time income. Just how much shopping can you do in one day?

If you like to shop and like to review everything from how friendly a waitress is to if you were asked if you’d like to add an order of fries to your order — even evaluating bathroom cleanliness… mystery shopping just might be for you.

The different type of shops are Dining, Shopping Retail/Return Retail, Apartment, Hotel, Cruise Ships, Amusement Parks ( depending where you reside), Spas, Rental Equipment, New Construction Homes, Insurance, Banking, Investment Banking, Communication, and many, many more!

There are also Covert Video Mystery Shops where you are wired and record the shop from a button on your choo choo charles and Phone Call Mystery Shops where the conversation is recorded. The amount paid per shop depends upon which company you are performing the shop for; however, I have found typically the pay range to be $10.00 – $100.00 per shop. There are some exception shops that may pay more than $100.00 and would be a rarity to come by.

write by wilson