The Often Overlooked Important Leather Motorcycle Gear

The Often Overlooked Important Leather Motorcycle Gear

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When riding a motorcycle, it’s important that you have all of the important safety gear like motorcycle jackets and motorcycle helmets. This gear is needed in order to be able to protect yourself fully in the event of a crash. This should be your first priority when getting ready for any motorcycle ride, but often times some of the more important pieces of leather gear are overlooked and disregarded. Some of those important leather gear items include leather chaps, and leather motorcycle boots, and gloves.

One of the more important pieces of gear that any motorcycle rider could have are leather boots, and often times many riders fail to take advantage of this great piece of equipment and settle for less protective footwear like tennis shoes or even sandals. It’s amazing that anyone would even consider wearing sandals on a motorcycle given the fact that there are so many parts on the motorcycle that become extremely hot when in operation. The risk for getting burned is very high. Not only that, but sandals leave you exposed to any flying dirt or debris that could strike you while riding. The best way to protect your feet is with a good pair of motorcycle boots. You’ll want to wear boots that will completely cover your ankle, which will provide you with the most protection possible.

Another important piece of leather gear that is often overlooked by riders is leather chaps. Leather chaps are great for providing protection from the wind and cold when riding your motorcycle during times when the weather may act this way. The biggest protection comes in the areas of your knees and lower legs because those areas are the most exposed when in the riding position. The leather chaps help to shield the cold weather elements, and help keep you warm at the same time.

Finally, motorcycle gloves are another piece of leather gear the people often forget to bring along on their longer trips or short rides. Leather gloves also help protect your hands from flying dirt and debris and can also help keep them warm in times of cooler weather. Leather gloves also help you keep a better grip on the handle bars because they are often equipped with pads on the hands and fingers that prevent slipping and sliding on the handlebars. When you head out for your next motorcycle trip, be sure that you have all of the important gear that is needed to make your trip safe and successful. This includes the items that are sometimes forgotten about.

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