The Perfect Cinderella Wedding – From Invitations to Location & More

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Now that you’ve found your Prince Charming, are you dreaming about your fairytale Cinderella wedding? You know, the kind of wedding where you get to dress up like a princess for the day, get treated royally and then head off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Even if you are not an actual princess, you can still have the Cinderella wedding from invitations to location and more. And you don’t have to kiss a lot of frogs along the way!

A Princess/Cinderella themed wedding is all about lots of magic and glitz. The first place you can create this is with your wedding invitations. There are many choices in Cinderella themed wedding invitations, such as castle, coach or even shoe shaped cards. Pick one that makes you feel extra Cinderella-ish and make sure to include lots of glitter inside so when the invitation recipient opens the card the glitter will tumble out like magic dust.

Remember the beautiful ball gown glass slippers that the fairy Godmother bestowed upon Cinderella? Well, with all the choices in wedding apparel, you will be able to find your own gown and tiara befitting of any princess. Dresses that include lots of fullness in the skirt and a high waist make the best choice for a Cinderella themed wedding. Shoes now come in clear sparkly styles that will complete the look for your and your bridesmaids. Grooms can find regal styles and add accessories like sashes or swords.

Location…well of course you will want to be married in a castle. But you don’t live in a kingdom so you will have to improvise a little. Your castle can be anywhere, with lots of space to include castle themed murals or décor. You may be able to find a lodge or church with that medieval look or arches. If you have the money, you can look into booking a destination wedding and get married in a real castle in Europe. Either way, be sure to have a red carpet rolled out for your royal-ness on your big day.

Horse drawn carriages are always a nice touch to a Cinderella themed wedding. Your Prince and you can be whisked off to the reception hall by the wonderful treat of a carriage and experience the charm of this romantic tradition. You can find carriage companies in your local directory and this can be booked well in advance.

Be sure to have the wedding of your dreams with a Cinderella themed wedding.

write by Joshua Olin

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