The Pink Apple iPod Nano is at the Top of the List of Hot Christmas Gifts!

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The new pink Apple iPod Nano ranks right up near the top of hot Christmas gifts this year. There are lots of reasons for this. Following are a few of the things that make the iPod nano one of the best Christmas gifts for folks of all ages:

The iPod offers a variety of uses including:

* viewing photos-it makes a great “portable photo album”

* listening to your favorite music

* listening to podcasts

* watching videos

* watching favorite TV shows

* listening to audio books

The newest and hottest color on the scene for iPods is pink. The iPod nano is in great demand and it’s sleek, slim design makes it easy to slip in a pocket or purse.

The “bang for your buck” is tremendous. It’s amazing to think about all the functionality you get for the price!

Half the fun of owning iPod is accessorizing-the iPod nano comes in a rainbow of colors and offers a wide variety of accessories. You can make a distinct fashion statement with your iPod!

If you are looking for some great stocking stuffers to go along with the iPod there are many available. Anyone that receives an iPod this Christmas will greatly appreciate a few accessories to go along with it!

There are a great many to choose from. One of the most popular choices are earbuds, although to many people they are more of a necessity than an accessory! They come in many colors so that you can mix and match. Also there are more “advanced” choices with high definition sound and different bass adjustments.

Along the same lines you can even purchase a high fidelity speaker system and charger docking station, and it even includes a remote! There is also a boombox available with a docking station so you can play your iPod over the boombox. I can’t imagine what they’ll think of next-it seems like they have thought of everything possible already.

For the sports enthusiast Apple and Nike have joined forces and created a sports workout kit for the iPod nano, just make sure you have a compatible nano as it only accepts 1G-4G nanos. It includes the following features:

* Transforms your iPod nano into a personal workout coach-nano can provide real-time, spoken feedback that alerts you to workout milestones

* Lets your iPod nano track your running time, distance, pace, and calories burned

* Sync your iPod nano to transfer your workout data to iTunes and for your performance history and more

* Kit includes wireless sensor for Nike+ shoes and wireless receiver for iPod nano

* Compatibility: iPod nano (1G, 2G, 3G and 4G)

As you run or walk, the sensor sends information to your iPod, tracking your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. If you choose, real-time, spoken feedback can even alert you to milestones throughout your workout. Back at your computer, sync your iPod to transfer your workout data to iTunes and There, you can evaluate your performance history, set goals, and even challenge other runners to a virtual race.

So save money on physical instructors and take your Nike+ and iPod for a run outdoors or a workout at the gym! Then keep track of your progress.

Also for the sports enthusiast and people on the go, there are different styles of arm/wristbands and protectors so you don’t have to worry about your iPod getting lost or damaged.

These are just a few examples of the numerous offerings of accessories available for the iPod nano.

Electronic gifts become more and more popular each year as well as appealing to a wide variety of people and age groups. Many of these types of gifts also have a variety of accessories available for them as well, making it easy to find Christmas stocking stuffers.

Welcome to the electronic age! It definitely helps make Christmas shopping easier!

write by Layton Johnson

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