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Hockey footwear is the most preferred material as it offers a sporty look and is highly durable. Hockey shoes, when maintained properly last long. They are carefully crafted and designed to ensure that players get the most out of their training or game session.

Hockey has a reputation of being a messy and muddy sport and players are needed to quickly change directions during play. Hockey shoes are designed to handle rapid deceleration and acceleration, with equitable distribution of pressure.

Grip and comfort are the two important features of hockey shoes. Comfortable and well-fitting pair shoes are highly essential. Some hockey shoes concentrate on specific areas such as heel, arch or the front. Wide ranges mean that players can select the shoes and style of sport.


While hockey footwear is usually used on turf pitches, they are also available for those based indoors. Having a correct pair of hockey shoes isn’t enough. You need to undergo thorough training and exercise. Shoes with the wrong fit will likely result in injuries and slipping.

Poorly manufactured footwear could cause wide range of problems, right from mild discomfort to slips when turning and running, even causing nasty falls. Burns or rubs on skin caused by loose shoes may take few weeks to heal, leaving players out of action during busy times.


Often, high quality footwear is expensive. However, many manufacturers offer them with heavy rebates. Sporting best fitting shoes for any foot shape and hockey style is necessary for ensuring that players perform to their best.

Hockey footwear is easy to maintain and are highly affordable. You simply have to wipe them with a towel and keep it in a dry place. Well maintained hockey shoes last for two years. You can also opt in for the water proof ones. These shoes are easily washable either by hand or machine.

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