The Simple Foot Fetish and 2010

The Simple Foot Fetish and 2010

The Simple Foot Fetish and 2010black t shirt

As a lifestyle foot fetishist, it has become much more of an easy task to have women allow me to massage and worship their feet. Is this a societal shift to a more “openminded” generation or culture? And why? I think that it is the culmination of mass media, more of a comfort level with one’s body and the fact that in the world of Facebook, Twitter, text messages and less and less contact with actual people, that on a subconscious level, that women may yearn for adoration and very light play even more than say a decade ago just because everything is so much more complicated than it used to be.

I find that this is a very interesting shift and I often find that the women thank me afterwards and exclaim, “that felt great, not that many men do that”. I would expect to hear this, as I have a foot fetish and many men do not have a foot fetish. It’s more of a “watch football and have sex for 10 minute” mentality. One of the cool things about having a foot fetish I suppose is the fact that foot fetish play is not a “threatening” thing.

But I do believe as the abyss of continued “disconnecting” of people on a peer to peer level continues and advances, getting deeper and deeper, perhaps, light play will continue to flourish. Now I am not talking about foot massages and then sex. I am talking about fully clothed foot fetish play between two consenting adults. The only thing off are the women’s shoes. And usually I will make them dinner afterwards, we will talk or watch a movie or something afterwards, then she goes back to her life and I mine.

But I will “quiz” them sometimes and the past 3 or 4 years, the responses are becoming more of a “one voice” type of message. “The crave for human to human interaction,” Maybe they could care less that I think that their feet are just beautiful. I think it is more of the “message” conveyed rather than the risk of ulterior motives.

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write by Allison Leigh Downey

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