The Top Five Best Oliver Stone Movies

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Attempting to compile a list of the greatest Oliver Stone films of all time is no easy task. Most, if not all, of his movies are worth watching and are rather enjoyable pieces of cinema. There is no doubt the man is extremely talented, and his catalog of work only further backs it up.

The following movies are my top five favorite films directed by Oliver Stone.

One movie that has to be included on this list is JFK. This movie focuses on the aftermath of the John F. Kennedy assassination and the fact that there was more than met the eye with this event. This movie stars Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman.

Another fantastic film directed by Oliver Stone which I will include on this list is Platoon. When you want to talk about the most important Vietnam War movies to ever be released the list has to include Platoon, as well as Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now.

Wall Street is another movie that definitely makes the cut for me. If you have not yet seen Wall Street, you definitely should, as the hyped up sequel is going to be released very soon. Wall Street 2 has big shoes to fill, as the first movie is awesome.

When it comes to sports movies, one of my absolute favorites is Any Given Sunday. Al Pacino’s “peace with inches” speech in this movie is one of my favorite speeches in any film ever. This movie also stars Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

Finally, I will include Born on the Fourth of July on this list. This 1989 film stars Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic, a Vietnam War veteran who is left paralyzed and becomes an anti-war advocate.

As it stands, this is my Oliver Stone best-of list. Let’s see what happens when Wall Street 2 comes out.

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