The Truth Is

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“The truth is that life is hard and dangerous; that those who seek their own happiness do not find it; that those who are weak must suffer; that those who demand love will be disappointed; that those who are greedy will not be fed; that those who seek peace will find strife; that truth is only for the brave; that joy is only for those who do not fear to be alone; that life is only for the one who is not afraid to die.”

Joyce Cary the Irish novelist and artist was born in 1888. Cary’s words describe the attitude of the 20th century, and most of the centuries before it, because life was hard and dangerous. Living in almost complete separation from the reality of spirit, the weak suffered, the greedy became greedier and the peacemakers were warriors that tried to overcome strife by creating wars. The truth was a lie, joy was a fleeting thought and almost everyone was afraid to die. This age of separation began to unravel in the mid 20th century and a new age began to appear.

The new age is really not so new; it is more an awakening than it is new knowledge. Many centuries before life was recorded, this age of awareness flourished and people lived in harmony within themselves. Countless tales have been told of ancient civilizations that were self reliant, self aware and connected to their higher self on a daily basis. Truth was what they lived; happiness was a gift they gave to themselves; weakness was a temporary state of mind that was corrected by asking for help; greed was a selfless act which created dis-ease; love was not demanded, it was a natural state of being; peace had no opposite and death was the reconnection of consciousness to a grander state of existence.

These civilizations spent many linear years in joy and freedom. They had abilities that we call super powers, but they were commonplace in those times. Mental telepathy, self-healing, astral travel and long physical lives made up the DNA of these distant relatives of mine. The sense of self worth was practiced daily in acts of gratitude, forgiveness and kindness. Children were regarded as angels that brought change and new energy to the planet. Everyone lived to change and appreciate the growth that expansion brings. Laws were etched in the psyche of each entity and everyone agreed before birth to honor them. Work was a privilege that fulfilled the desire of each soul and guaranteed the reincarnation of spirit in other manifestations.

This new age is back once again; it is the age of consciousness, the blending of multi-dimensional realities into one experience. This glorious adventure will take me to a place of remembering where I reunite with the other aspects of myself. I am able to control my emotions and use my impulses to make conscious decisions. I accept contrast as a tool for growth and use my truth with pleasure. The feeling of unity surrounds me and I treat all life as precious and know that everything has consciousness. My energy is filled with love from the source of all energy and I appreciate it with acts of compassion. My spirit brings me to doorway of abundance and I walk through it with confidence. I am truly free once again to live in the essence of All There Is and thank myself for the opportunity.

The 21st century is my now and it is the beginning of the old way of believing. No longer burdened with useless judgment I can be who I really am, a spirit having a human experience and feel the love that I came from and live in harmony with myself.

write by Dante

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