The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Women – What Attracts Women to Men? – Simplified

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Since the beginning of time, men have tried different agonizing lengths to attract the women they want. Good looks and a large paycheck do not seem to do the trick and it’s been proven it takes a lot of personality to conquer the feat. But what attracts women to men? The long hours spent will be shortened by this little report I have prepared for you. What attracts women to men has been a puzzle everybody is trying to finish. Well, the mystery is about to be solved.

Let’s start from the top: Strip off your nice guy image. Yes, it’s surprising that women are not actually engrossed with “nice guys”. Now if you’re really nice by nature, it’s time to add a little spice to your personality. There are cases where some dudes would think that in order to catch the attention of girls; they must project a goody-two-shoes picture. Well, behold the truth! Most women are more drawn to men who show a bad-boy image. This is because most women find nice, overtly polite guys boring and monotonous in contrast to those who are witty and confident about themselves. They value and notice the personality first, although this does not essentially indicate that women favor nice personalities. I know, I know. It’s amazing. What women would rather have are men who have adorable personalities brought about by their sense of humor and coolness.

The point is that what attracts women to men is their character and the way men act around them. Women, by nature, are engrossed to effects that cannot be primarily seen by the eye. Further translation: natural things, those that are not inhibited by the physical or the exterior are what really attract women. This could refer to your qualities, deeds, manners, feelings and attitude.

What attracts women to men is the way you handle yourself. The problem with most men is that they are very self-centered that they are more attentive on what other people would see them. For example, women are not troubled on the bodily features of a man but more on how the man takes care of himself. If you’re rich and famous, this will give her a good impression however, to totally get to her heart, you must show her how good you are in handling your fame and fortune. Material things can be a plus but they are not everything. The Attitude and the Personality will guarantee you the woman you want. This goes to explain that if ever a man would like to draw the attention of a particular woman, he should for a while forget his own point of view and interests, and give his 100% attention to his lady.

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