The Vivienne Westwood Story

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What makes a fashion brand achieve cult popularity status and international recognition is the vivacious and daring person behind it. That’s precisely what Vivienne Westwood did with her self-named global brand.

The Beginning

In the 1970s, Westwood’s collaboration with the Malcolm McLaren stores as a clothes designer earned her notoriety in the fashion industry. She is also credited for having a hand in shaping punk fashion. It wasn’t long before Westwood tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and opened the doors to four of her own stores in London. Her brand soon expanded to the larger UK region and eventually worldwide.

Her partnership with McLaren gave birth to ‘Let it Rock,’ which was the collective that defined punk fashion as we know it. The store later adopted ‘Sex’ The shop as its name, which was quite a daring move, and the establishment projected the same vibe. They featured obscene graffiti sprayed all over the wall, rubber drapes adorning the windows, and stocked racks of fetish wear.

Fast forward to the present and just about everyone has a Vivienne Westwood piece stashed in their closet.

Fashion with a Flair and a Cause

As a designer known to “let her clothes speak for themselves,” Westwood’s collections are embodiments of artistic statements as well as reflections of her political causes.

Her pieces are also a reflection of her style which gives them a truly unique and personalized flair.

Westwood has often described her clothes as having an identity and saying that they have stories to tell. Later on, her pieces were inspired by ‘Tatler girls’ and combinations of French perfectionism as well as the quintessentially British charm.

Some of her pieces and merchandise are inspired by the various political causes she backs. That includes the Nuclear Disarmament Campaign, civil rights movements and climate change.

Vivienne Westwood Now

While her previous pieces pushed the limits to a rebellious streak, her contemporary pieces embody a British matriarchal charm.

Vivienne Westwood churns out more collections annually compared to other high-end fashion brands. They produce upwards of nine collections annually which is a mean feat in itself. The brand is known for its Bridal Ready-Wear Looks, the vastly popular Anglomania collection, and a Couture collection.

From the high-end outfits to the ready-to-wear looks the Westwood outfits ooze human emotion. It’s the human-ness that gives the clothes a universal appeal and the reason why any brand geek would want them in their closet.

The Vivienne Westwood outfits also feature some of the most sizzling colors, saucy cuts, and stunning silhouettes.

More than Just Clothes

Vivienne Westwood’s designs go beyond just clothes because the brand also offers accessories as well as jewelry to create complete looks.

When it comes to accessories, Westwood offers collections of bags and shoes while the jewelry collections include edgy selections of earrings and necklaces.

It’s quite apparent to see that the Vivienne Westwood story is quite enticing and compelling making it single-handedly the reason behind the brand’s success.

If you love good fashion and great clothes, then pick up your next outfit, accessories, and jewelry from the Westwood collection.

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