Tips for Packing for Your Trekking Holiday

Tips for Packing for Your Trekking Holiday

Tips for Packing for Your Trekking Holidayblack t shirt

Packing for your trekking holiday will depend essentially on 4 things:

Destination – If you are going for trekking in the Himalayas, a few things like high altitude, temperature, sunburn, windburn, snow burn, eye burn and skidding has to be taken into consideration. But if you are going to Peru your packing will be quite different. And if you are going for a camping holiday or a walking holiday in Bangalore your list will probably be shorter.

Number of days – Supplies like batteries for charging your devices and food for charging yourself can only be determined by the number of days you will be going. If it’s just a walking weekend, there’s not much to worry about, but if it is a 15-day mountain trek then you will not only need camping tips but also tips on battery and food conservation.

Time of the year – Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it wet and some like it dark. Your supplies will depend on what your preferences are.

Number of people – How much can you carry on a trek, how to store, all that is decided by the number of people going. If you are taking an overnight trek to the Western Ghats for instance, you might want the strongest person to carry heavier stuffs and if everyone is equally strong, then the supplies will be more.

A few basics are a constant wherever you plan to trek and for whatever number of days. Here are some tips for packing on a trek:

Clothing essentials:

Marathoners often complain about cotton being the wrong material for clothing – simply because sweating will make it heavier and is tougher to dry. Use the same logic and buy your clothes which are of the dri-fit variety.

Do ensure that chicago white sox hawaiian shirt are in tune with nature especially in terms of colour. Red in snow sounds good, but red is a no-no in a forest area.

Be like an onion when it comes to clothes, layer and layer and layer your clothes and peel them as necessary.

Fleece for jackets are a good choice and football stockings are the ideal in socks as they are longer and thicker.

Sturdy new york yankees hawaiian shirt are very important.

Packing Food:

Rather than tinned food which can be heavy, instant food is the best choice – Add some water and food is ready to eat. Buns, bananas, cup noodles, glucose, beaten rice, croutons and Bangalore has a lot of choices in snacks like local Murukkus and Medu vada – light to carry and stays on longer. This also ensures you travel green by using less fuel and resources.

Don’t forget to pack water. If you run short, ensure you boil water that you get while trekking.

Camping Supplies:

One-step-tents and sleeping bags are must-haves, also makes one feel like a real camping holiday. Some of the other essentials are yoga mats, packs of salt (to ward off leeches), head lamp, candles and matches, a swiss knife (multi-purpose knife which has a small scissor, knife, screw driver etc), hand sanitizers, a whistle and first aid-kit.

A trek is incomplete without a good backpack with cover, sun protection, rain boots, cameras, books (ideally e-books) and the charger (which needs to be pre-charged and carried). Start writing your list a month before the travel so that you have enough time to remember and buy all the stuffs that you need.

Make sure to be a responsible traveller and practice eco-tourism by not littering camp areas, not throwing your waste while hiking, using less fuel and resources and leaving the environment an even better place.

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write by Jerrick Layland

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