Tips on Wearing Thigh Length Stockings

Tips on Wearing Thigh Length Stockings

Tips on Wearing Thigh Length Stockingsblack t shirt

Thigh high stockings carry a great deal of appeal. Here is some advice, on how to pick the thigh high stocking that best suit you.

The garter belt. Thigh high stockings are intriguing because of the way in which they are held up. There is more than one way to hold up thigh highs:  garter belts are one. While garter belts are now a sign of sexual excess and seduction, they started out as purely useful – for holding up thigh high stockings. They have either four or six straps with metal clasps at their ends to clip to the top of your stockings. Use a garter belt with six straps. That will try to hold the stocking more tightly if you are wearing seamed stockings, thus creating a straight line with the back seam. Briefs are normally worn on top of the garter belt just for convenience.

There have been many that have seen the garter throwing takes place at weddings. It it is not a garter belt. This contraption is meant to be slipped on top of the stocking at the thigh to hold it to the leg. Do you know why blue garters are worn at weddings? It is due to the old tradition of  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” and so has led to the commonly blue garters at weddings. There is a lack of modesty as the garter is removed then thrown at drunken single men…but hey, you gotta love tradition!

Elastics. It is common for the thigh high style stocking to have an inner seam of silicone along the top (typically covered by the lace) to keep them hugging the leg. The snugness of fit of these elastic bands depends in part upon the shape of your leg. These bands can sometimes become uncomfortable and damp from sweat. The hold may be tight, but people with sensitive skin will feel some irritation.

The heel and toe type: There are usually options available for both the heel and toe to be reinforced in stockings – a stronger heel extends the life of the stocking but are not the first choice for footwear that exposes the heel or toe. They don’t really look that sexy, either.

Following is a list of the options in heel and toe styling in footwear. Sandlefoots have no visible toe, but the disadvantage of this is that they are not reinforced and may more easily rip or wear out. When you wear open-toed shoes, you must choose this type of stocking.

Cuban inspired heel. This has a darker heel piece that is square at the top of the heel.

A Grench heel is not only appealing but very sexy it has a pointed and reinforced heel area. Positioning seamed stockings takes some practice so that the top point of the middle of the shoe heel joins the seam and runs perfectly straight up the back of the leg.

Half toe or demi toe. A stocking that has a strengthened toe that has 50 percent of the strengthening on the upper part of the toe then the lower part of the foot.

Fabrics. You can get thigh highs in a wide variety of materials:  nylon, silk, wool and even cashmere. How much the stocking stretches depends on what material is used. Stockings that do not stretch feel a lot different than the ones that we are used to wearing. These nylons have a softer lighter feel than regular nylons from a department-store and are also less “grippy.”

Stockings with visible seams. Thigh highs that are seamed have the seam on the rear part of the leg. Sometimes these can even be neon or metallic or studded with rhinestones.

Thickness.  Thigh highs can be anywhere from absolutely transparent to dark and thickly colored. You may prefer a certain degree of opaqueness. If the stocking is meant for a formal event or to go with a bejeweled gown, a completely sheer stocking with a glimmer finish will be nice.

Fishnets. Stockings whose material is a wide open woven knit are called fishnet since they resemble the net that is used to catch fish. If you want a pretty sparse stocking, a Fence net is one that has large gaps in the fabric and are usually put on over a normal pair of stockings.

The thigh highs happen to be very prone to breaking and must not be handled roughly. To put it another way, tomboys and thigh highs do not mix. Be sure you file your fingernails and moisturize dry, chapped hands before you pull on your stockings so that fabric does not become snagged. You need to hand wash and air dry your thigh highs. Stockings which are of a sheer color are best for daytime wear. Pantyhose can run and pull very easily if you aren’t careful and it is likely you’ll need to dispose of a pair after a single use.

Keep an extra pair of thigh high stockings around for those big nights out. Add a couple of thigh highs in your clothes budget. Getting snagged on the car door on your way out is a risk you have to take and I guarantee that the local convenience store does not carry the leopard print sheers you’ve chosen for tonight’s gala. By having another pair available, you will solve the problem easily. With stockings there is the added advantage that if one tears during an evening, it is very easy to carry a spare and switch it out.

Thigh highs are made with mature, curvy women in mind, not just skinny teens. Thigh high stockings are available for all body types, and even with compression features (if you have varicose veins). Don’t allow anything to prevent you from getting in a thigh-high bit of fun.

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