Tips to Be Slim in Five Minutes

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Do you belong to those girls who find it difficult to fit your dress with your body? It may be caused by you having excessive weight. You do not have to worry. You can fit you dress with your body by read the following tips.

Getting a dress which does not fit your body may make you feel uncomfortable. You can actually solve that problem by showing the good part of your body. It will build your confidence more. The most important thing you can do to choose the right dress for your body is to find a guide that can help you visually more balance. For instance, if your waist looks big, put the attention to the upper part of your body.

Five Ways to Get Slim in Five Minutes

1. Recognize the shape of your body.
Before you start to get dressed up, recognize which part of your body that has a bigger size. Use this as your guide to choose the right color and size that can fit your body. If your waist is bigger that the upper part of your body, you can attract the attention to the upper part. All you need to do is just to wear darker color for your lower part of your body and brighter color for your upper body.

When you focus the attention to your upper body, your neckline is also important to be taken into consideration. Wear V collar shape, or square cut to focus on your slimmer upper part of your body. You can also wear shirt with collar. Wear collar with ruffle accessory so that you can attract and focus the attention on your neck instead of your waist.

For women with a big chest or fat, you can use a darker color for your upper body and print motif or broad pants.

2. Use the power of Color
Play with color. You can choose black, dark brown, dark blue, or any other color that can make you look slimmer. Long black pants with a straight model, grey sweater, or denim with pencil cut, and shirt which made of cotton or black jersey can be chosen as your option. To attract the attention of the people to your upper body, you can also wear accessories such as colorful beads, scarf for your neck. These accessories will be more attractive if you wear dark shirt.

3. Wear accessory
You can also wear bracelets and bangles or show off your big cocktail ring. By wearing this, you can make your thinner body part to be slimmer and can also attract the attention of someone else to your slimmer body part. Chandelier earrings can also make your neck look longer. It will be a good way to change their attention form your bigger body part. Belt can also be worn to make you have a slimmer look.

4. Fit your loose dress to the tailor
If you have a loose dress, you can have the tailor to fit you. Press body dress cut can make you look slimmer. Dress that fits your body can help you show your slim and good body part.

5. Choose the suitable shoes
To make you look slimmer, your shoes can help you. High stiletto will make you look slimmer instantly. Avoid wearing kitten heels shoes and ankle straps. It will make you look shorter. If you are short and thin, avoid Mary Jane shoes model. Slim and neat heal boot will be a good choice for everyone with any body size.

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