Tips to Take Good Care of Footwear

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It is important to take good care of your footwear to have a comfortable walk. There are so many things which you have to bear in mind in order to keep your footwear in good shape. In this article we will discuss how one take good care of footwear so that to keep them comfortable as long as possible. Following are given few suggestions and tips for your help.

• In order to avoid your shoes being scuffed, always keep them in their original boxes.

• Air circulation is important to keep the original shape of the trainers. Use slatted racks to keep your trainers on in the laundry room or hallway.

• Don’t wear same shoes two days in a row. This will help moisture to evaporate from them.

• If your shoes got wet, simply stuff them with newspaper to keep their shape intact.

• It is important to wash your trainer regularly in the machine. Follow the instructions before washing them.

• Your posture is all important for your long lasting shoes and better looks.

• Keep covering the scratches on the heels with the help of same color felt pen. Use clear nail polish to seal those covered scratches.

• If your heels have worn out, re-heeled them immediately, as with worn heels you cannot walk properly.

• If your shoes get muddy, let it dry completely. Once the mud dried out, scrape oil with blunt knife. Use damp cloth to remove the remaining mud.

Polishing Shoes

Now we will see how to polish your shoes to perfection:


• Fast Cleaning: you can use a shoe cream with a built in applicator. Apply it evenly into the shoes and then buff them to a shine by rubbing them hard. You can use a soft brush or a velvet pad for rubbing.

• Traditional Cleaning: Take a set of shoe brushes and a wax shoe polish. Clear all the dirt from the shoes and apply the wax polish with a medium brush. Use soft brush to buff them.

Patent Leather

You have to clean it with a soft, damp cloth. Use diluted detergent to clean it. Later, add some petroleum jelly to give it a shine. In the end buff it properly to remove the excess petroleum jelly.


First remove the dirt with the help of small suede brush. Apply some suede protector and clean it with a specialized cleaner.

Synthetic and vinyl

Damp a cloth with soapy water and wipe these with it. To provide surface shine, you can use silicone impregnated sponge. This can be used on all colors and is nothing less than any other instant shoe shine product.


For these, you need to use fabric protector. Use carpet shampoo to wash off the dirt.


Avoid polishing or wetting this. Take a soft cloth and brush it gently. The good thing about satin is that they can be re-colored with fabric dye and if your satin get stained or pale, you can opt for re-coloring.

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