Tool Kit Storage Wrap – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton, printedBias binding, cottonThread, cotton, matching

Make a tool roll

Cut out two matching pieces of printed cotton, 64cm x 37.5cm. Place together, right sides facing out.

Stitch bias binding along the bottom straight edge using a binding foot on your machine or by hand. Fold the bottom section up 19cm, press with a warm iron and tack in place so it’s secure while you sew.

To create pockets for the tools, sew a series of lines vertically, starting from the side you have already bound all the way to the edge of the fabric. Our pockets vary in size, from 6cm to 8.5cm wide.

Stitch binding all around the long edge of the tool wrap, making sure to enclose all of the layers of fabric. Finish the sides by folding under and hand stitching neatly in place. Remove all tacking stitches. Add tools and fold over the top to complete.