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Cartoon characters are something with which we have grown up with. Every kid loves to associate with one or the other cartoon characters. World of animation is full of imagination and creativity. Here imagination knows no limits. We come across various cartoon characters like Tom, Jerry, Mickey, Popeye, Tweety, etc. They all represent different personalities aspect derived from our day-to-day encounters with various living and non-living things like Mickey is a mouse, Richie rich is a millionaire boy. Kids love cartoons and like to have them on all their stuffs like clothes, quilts, shoes, socks, walls and so on. During some last years the use of cartoon printing on fabrics for kidswear has grown by leaps and bounds.

Applying Toons on Garments

Cartoon printing on the garments has become very popular amongst people of various age groups. The concept of applying of toons character to the fabrics has become common in textile printing. Their application is not only limited to only kidswear, but toons are now printed on t-shirts for adolescents, adults, quilts, socks, handkerchiefs, bedsheets and bedcovers, curtains, etc which have become easily accessible in markets. The targeted segment of this market is mainly children of the age group 0-14 years. Here the selection of cartoon characters to be printed on the garment is decided by keeping the age group in mind for which it is being designed. For instance, small kids cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Donald duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc. are preferred more, for teenagers cartoon characters like Johnny bravo, Superman, Aladdin, Mougli, Tenalirama , etc are taken for textile printing purpose. We all loved cartoons at some point or other in our life; therefore it is quite hard to dissociate ourself totally from them. If we happen to enter a child’s bedroom we would generally find all its garment belongings with cartoon printing. This type of printing is also done in combination with other printing techniques and embroideries, patterning, laces, etc. Cartoons apart from being printed are also sometimes embroidered on the fabrics making it even more appealing. Sometimes toons are printed along with dialogues or conversations.

Impact of Applying Toon on Garments

Cartoons apart from being entertaining, are related to our society as they are taken from among us. They sometimes also carry social messages and they have social responsibility for kids as they generally try to associate themselves with their favourite cartoon characters. For example- Popeye character carries the message that spinach is very good for the health and one who eats it is a winner in his/her life thus encouraging kids to eat green leafy vegetables. One of the most positive things about cartoon characters is that – it is always shown triumph of good over evil. Their application to garments provides colours and life to the garment. There are many garments manufacturing companies that only manufacture such type of garments such as Gini & Jony, Tantra t-shirts, etc. This concept has created a revolution in kidswear segment also in innovative t-shirt printing. Apart from cartoon characters different animated writings and pictures are also found to be hot option. In this concept the writing or toon figures are printed in animated form on the garment. Major chunk of the market share in kids market and t-shirt printing is in the hands of cartoon printing. Sometimes such outfit becomes a tool for personal expression.

Types of Toon Printing

Political cartoons on t-shirts – Toons are based on various political leaders and issues have its own place in t- shirt printing. Such t-shirt is mostly worn by adults.

Funny t-shirts- Outfits with funny quotes or prints are loved especially by teenagers and young adults.

Attitude t-shirts- Such t-shirts bear quotes / images displaying personal attitude of the wearer on any issue.

Offensive T-shirts- Such t-shirts contain verbal and visual elements of thought expression that is rebellious in nature.

Clown t- shirt- Figures of various types of clowns are printed on the outfit. Thus providing fun element to the T-shirt.

Superhero printed t-shirt- Animated version of superheroes like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. are used on the garment. Kids love the outfit having figure of their favourite superhero because every kid connect themselves to one or the other superhero and wants to be like him/her.

Expression t-shirts- Such t-shirts contain personal expression thoughts of the wearer about issue of his/her choice in the form of pictures or quotes.

Toon t- shirt- Toon t-shirts the most favourite stuff amongst the kids. Cartoon characters from various famous cartoon shows are used here. They have pictures of various types of toons on the outfit like- Tweety, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Scooby-Doo, etc.

Comic characters- Comic characters are derived from famous comics. Such prints are a rage amongst kids aged between 5-16 years of age. Some of the famous comic characters are- Archie, Garfield, Bettie, Pinky, Chacha Choudhary, etc.

Social issues- T- shirts depicting social issues through this medium is very much the in thing. Every social organization generally has their own set of t-shirts illustrating the social cause they are into. For example- PETA, WHO, UNESCO, AIDS control society, etc organizations have their own set of outfits advertising their group and spreading the message they want to convey.

Company specific cartoons- Many companies and business organizations have designed t-shirts with their company’s logo/name or punchline. Some companies make it compulsory for their employees to wear such t-shirts during work time; some just do it to advertise their company. For example- Reliance, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

3-D image – The latest innovation in animation printed outfit is 3-D image printing. In such type of printing 3-D effect is created on the outfit.

Religion specific- Many t-shirts contain religious logos or figures in animated form on the t-shirts. For example- figures of Jesus, Hindu gods and goddesses, symbols of cross, Om, etc. Many designers have started using such prints in their creations. Here the targeted customers are adults.

Thus, we can conclude that although it is very common to use toon printing on garments, the constant innovation, designing and use of imagination makes it appealing and desirable for us. If we open our closet we would definitely find at least one garment with animation printing on it. Whether kids or adults in some form or the other are associated with them, sometime on serious note and sometimes on funny note.

Toons are the medium through which we can convey many things in light hearted manner to the world. Printed clothes bring out our imagination to the surface and also it could be said that the cartoon character which we choose to wear tells certain things about our thinking process and personality. For example- An adolescent wearing t-shirts of Johnny Bravo may be having liking for fit body of Johnny and his flirtatious nature. Therefore innovation and designing would also keep this field of garment printing always ongoing and favourite for kids and youngsters.

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