Top 5 MLB Teams With the Most Awesome Uniforms

Top 5 MLB Teams With the Most Awesome Uniforms

Top 5 MLB Teams With the Most Awesome Uniformsblack t shirt

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most watched sports in the United States. Aside from the game and the players, one of the things that the crowd looks forward to is seeing the teams’ uniforms – especially at the start of the MLB season.

For some, uniforms are simply what they are: something to identify a person or team. But for many others, especially for the players, baseball jerseys are more than just an ID. They define a person and a team. They boost a team’s confidence and morale.

For MLB fans, baseball jerseys are like a fashion statement. They’re button up shirts with unique designs. In other words, they can be worn outside the game. You can wear them on an ordinary day and manage to look fashionable.

To give you an idea of which baseball jersey you should keep in your closet, we’ve decided to rank the best FIVE according to design, logo, color and crowd impact.

The Most Awesome MLB Uniforms

Of the 30 teams, here are the top five with the most awesome uniforms:

New York Yankees

Part of the reason why the Yankees’ uniform is on top of the list is familiarity. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always find people wearing the Yankees cap. And then, of course, the pinstripes. The blue pinstripes are some sort of a trademark. It’s something that has made some people identify baseball easily, especially those who are not quite familiar with the teams and the game yet. And, mind you, the Yankees’ pinstripes look good. They add to the “attractive” factor. Imagine Derek Jeter walking right in front of you in his pinstripes!

The Yankees’ logo is also a standout. It has become a city symbol. It’s easy to recognize and looks really clean and neat – pleasing to the eyes.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals’ uniform is a classic. Their white home jersey, which shows the redbirds perched on the yellow bat, truly represents the team. The Cardinals recently came out with a throwback uniform in off-white color. The birds are still on top of the bat, but instead of “St. Louis Cardinals” printed on the front, it’s just “St. Louis”. The birds and the bat look better, too. Fans love the throwback, but many say the white one remains to be their favorite.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The simple script and logo on the Dodgers’ uniform is what defines the team. Its style is appealing. It has an effect that grows on you. The blue and white colors also make the uniform look refreshing. Player numbers (on the front side) are in red, but they do not break the effect. The numbers stand out but are not glaring.

Boston Red Sox

The biggest and most obvious reason for choosing the Red Sox uniform is its simplicity. It has not gone through a lot of changes over the years, but Red Sox players can still stand out in a crowd of thousands. The white, red and blue combination must have something to do with that.

Oakland Athletics

Not many may agree with this choice, but the A’s uniform made it to this list because of one reason: their colors are distinctive. The trademark colors of the team – California gold, Hunter green and white – figure prominently in the evolution of their jerseys. Their color combinations are theirs and theirs alone; no one thought of using them. And the team used them well.

The Oakland A’s jersey style is like a mishmash of the classic and the modern. Perfect for baseball.

You may have your own definition of an awesome baseball uniform, but this list can help give you an idea of which ones to look first. Whichever team uniform you decide is best, you should buy one and start wearing it proudly!

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