Top Christmas Toys For Toddlers – A List of the Top Christmas Toys For Ages 1-5

Top Christmas Toys For Toddlers - A List of the Top Christmas Toys For Ages 1-5

Top Christmas Toys For Toddlers - A List of the Top Christmas Toys For Ages 1-5black t shirt

Christmastime is here and it’s time to choose the top Christmas toys for the toddlers on your gift list! Do you have a special toddler or two that is just waiting to see what Santa has left under the tree and in the stocking? This Christmas, make sure that your toddler has a thrilling Christmas with the most wanted toys!

One of the beauties of this year’s top Christmas toys list is that they are all toys that teach, but also entertain. This means that you’ll be giving toys that keep your toddler busy for hours, and help develop both physical and cognitive skills. They are all toys that you can feel great about!

Take Melissa and Doug toys for example. These toys are crafted with care and with learning and fun in mind. The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway set is perfect for little hands. Your little girl or boy can have fun building a custom railroad from the solid wood pieces, including almost 100 track pieces, plus more than 30 accessory pieces. The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway set is built to last for years, and allows kids to use and develop their imagination. It’s perfect for toddlers around age 3 and up!

Another great Melissa and Doug toy that is tops for Christmas this year is the Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock. This is a wonderful hands-on toy that is built to last. Toddlers learn about telling time, shapes and numbers from this fun toy that also helps to develop fine motor skills. It’s a fun toy for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa to help play with too, and makes for good learning and “together” time.

Also among the ranks of top Christmas toys for toddlers are Sesame Street Elmo toys. Elmo has been a perennial favorite among kids of all ages for years now, and this Christmas is no different. Elmo is perfect for toddlers, and kids age 18 months and up will absolutely love the Elmo Live doll.

Elmo Live is the most entertaining doll ever! He tells stories and funny jokes, he can sing songs and play games with your toddler. He moves his mouth just like the real Elmo, and he even stands, sits and crosses his legs. Elmo Live teaches little ones games, and even manners (if he falls over, he very politely asks for help). As the most life-like and fun Elmo doll yet created, your little one will have a blast with Elmo Live!

Not in the mood for Elmo Live? Then help your child learn all about using the potty with Potty Elmo! Yes, that’s right. Sesame Street’s most beloved character teaches your child about the potty in a fun and encouraging way. Potty Elmo comes wearing a cute yellow and green t- houston astros cheaters shirt and a diaper. He has a book too, and it’s aptly titled, Elmo Goes Potty.

Elmo will ask for a drink and then when he “gets that feeling” he’ll let you’re child know he needs to go potty. When he makes it in time, he sings a happy song, and if he waits too long, he sings a song of encouragement. What a great way to help your toddler learn about potty time and nurturing as well!

Both Melissa and Doug toys and Elmo toys are at the top of lists everywhere, and are among the top Christmas toys for toddlers. Make sure that you wrap up some of these, and other great toddler gifts for under the tree surprises!

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