Traditional Tartan Scottie Dog – Free sewing patterns


EssentialsFabric, tartan, 50cmThread, navy blue, strong; tacking, light-coloured Safety eyes, blue, 1.4cmToy stuffingTrim, diamante effect, 50cmTailor’s chalkCraft knife

Dimensions List

26cm x 30cm

Make a Scottie dog

Download the template and print. Fold 50cm of tartan fabric in half and lay the Scottie dog template on it. Use tailor’s chalk to add a 1.5cm seam allowance and carefully cut out the dog shape so that you have two pieces.

Position an eye on the wrong side of one piece of the fabric. Lift the dog’s head away slightly and make a small hole with a craft knife, insert the safety eye and attach the back securely. Then feel for the stem of the eye on the other piece of fabric. Where it rests, make a hole in the tartan, insert the eye and push on the safety back making sure both backs sit snug against the eyes.

Using light coloured thread, tack the two pieces of the dog together right sides facing, leaving a small section at the foot unstitched to insert stuffing. Machine stitch using strong matching thread, again leaving an unstitched section.

Turn right side out, and stuff generously with toy stuffing so it becomes rigid. A wooden spoon can be used to push the stuffing into the corners. Use whip stitches to sew up the gap by hand.

Cut diamante trim or similar to fit around the neck comfortably. Use small stitches to sew the collar to the fabric to complete.