Travel Zip Purse – Free sewing patterns


1. Fabric: travel themed; lining 2. Fusible interfacing, medium weight 3. Zip

Dimensions List

Purse: 13cm x 20cm

make a zip purse

Cut two 15cm x 22cm pieces of travel print fabric and two same-sized rectangles from lining. Place a piece of lining fabric and travel print material with right sides together. Sandwich one side of the zip in between the pieces facing the travel piece. Line up the raw edges and pin into place (Fig. 1).

Use a zipper foot to machine stitch close to the raw edge and the zip teeth. Fold the fabrics over so that the wrong sides are facing. Repeat this process with the second piece of fabric and interfacing. Fold the fabrics out so the right sides are facing up and top stitch a line close to the zip teeth on each (Fig. 2).

Open the zip and pin the travel fabrics together with right sides facing. Pin the lining pieces in the same way. Machine stitch around the edges of both pairs of fabric, leaving a 1cm seam allowance and small opening. Snip the corners and turn through.

Stitch the gaps closed and press the pieces with an iron, pulling the lining fabric out to do so. Cut a 20cm length of red suede cord and thread it through the zip end. To finish, feed a button onto each end of the cord and glue the buttons together.