Tricks to a Cheap Wardrobe Update

Tricks to a Cheap Wardrobe Update

Tricks to a Cheap Wardrobe Updateblack t shirt

Is your closet looking….well a little like last year…or older? There is a simple fix to update any wardrobe without breaking the bank. And I’ll show you a few simple steps to keep your duds looking stylish longer.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make when trying to keep up with the ever-moving styles of the moment is spending too much on pieces that are just too trendy and go out of style too fast. The fix is as easy as one, two, three. Stick to these three basic rules and you’ll be in style in no time.

Update with accessories. I can’t stress enough how important accessories can be. A simple hat, earrings or set of bangles can completely transform a bland outfit into stunning and stylish. Keep it inexpensive by skipping the $300 designer bracelet and going for something more inexpensive that still looks quality.

Keep it simple. Silhouettes are the single most important thing in fashion and always will be. A plain tee, flattering skirt or simple sweater can be best friend as long as it has a great fit and accentuates your good features then it’s a keeper. Looking great is always in style. Also stick to blacks and neutral colors. These are classics and will make it easier to mix and match pieces. Keep it basic and use your accessories as the punch to your wardrobe with color and trendy style.

Spend on Staples. You want to spend the bulk of your budget on everyday staples. If you are a t- los angeles dodgers sweatshirt and jeans girl spend your bucks on a great pair of jeans and save on your tees. Its easier to fake a designer look with a knock off top than a pair of knock off jeans. The staples you should spend on include a great pair of jeans or everyday bottoms as well as sunglasses, handbag, viking sweatshirt and jacket. Its OK to spend a little more on one great piece that you will use everyday and save on the pieces you mix in and out each day.

Stick to these three easy to follow steps and you’ll go from yesterday’s news to stylish stunner in no time. A good guide to help you on your way is supermarket rag mags such as life & style or Us weekly. They are filled with the most stylish celebs to steal their style. And check out sites like to get you on your way.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!!

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