Types of NECKLINES | Illustrated Guide

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Types of necklines have always been an important feature of shopping, fashion design and sewing patterns.  Necklines create beautiful wedding gowns and add style and design to a variety of fashion garments.  Necklines show off beautiful shoulders and elegant necks, as well as enhance the way necklaces are worn.  There are numerous types of necklines and each of them adds value and individuality to the overall look of the garment.

types of necklinesPinTypes of Necklines


Types of NecklinesAsymmetrical (One Shoulder) NecklineBoat NeckCowl NeckCollared NeckHalter NeckHigh Neck or TurtleneckKeyhole NeckIllusion NeckOff the ShoulderPlungingQueen Anne NeckRound or Crew NeckScoop NeckSpaghetti StrapSquare NeckStrapless NeckSurplice NeckSweetheart NeckV–NeckTypes of Necklines – In ConclusionRelated ArticlesMore Articles On Types Of Fashion

Types of Necklines

Necklines can be simple or stylish. Choose the one that suits your garment and your body shape. 

The following list gives a comprehensive look at the different types of necklines available.  Starting with the trendy asymmetrical neck and moving all the way to the popular v neck style. 

There are more necklines to choose from than you could imagine.  You could even create your own combination after reading through this list of necklines.

Asymmetrical (One Shoulder) Neckline

This look is created by having one shoulder bare and one strap running across the opposite shoulder to the underside of the armhole. It creates quite a fashion statement and is very effective in a plain color fabric showing off the design.

Types of Necklines asymmetricalTypes of Necklines asymmetricalPinTypes of Necklines – Asymmetrical

Boat Neck

This is one of the wider types of neckline. It is graceful and flattering to the neck area of the wearer.  It is sometimes called the ‘Bateau’ neckline.  Boat necklines draw the eye to the shoulders and lower neck of the wearer.  It sits just below the collarbone and balances wider hips or narrow faces.  This is a complimentary neckline which is open and very feminine. The boat neckline looks great with a simple necklace on top.

Types of Necklines Boat NeckTypes of Necklines Boat NeckPinTypes of Necklines – Boat Neck

Cowl Neck

Looking for something soft and draped?  The cowl neck has extra fabric in the cut to allow for drapes in the neck area. The cowl neck flatters all sorts of body shapes when made in a soft fabric.  The drapes of fabric will fall according to the texture and weight of the fabric. This is a style for stretch fabrics and sweater knits.

Types of Necklines CowlTypes of Necklines CowlPinTypes of Necklines – Cowl Neck

Collared Neck

The collared neck features a collar set into the neckline.  It is a neckline that suits many shapes and is a staple in most of our work wardrobes. 

The collar detracts and draws the eye away from the bust area. Collars can be pointed, rounded or even asymmetrical and can start at various heights. Most have a buttoned front but you can also attach a collar to a closed bodice.

Types of Necklines CollarTypes of Necklines CollarPinTypes of Necklines – Collar

Halter Neck

The halter neck flatters wide shoulders and creates a balance between broad shoulders and well-toned arms.  This neckline draws the eye away from the width of the shoulders to a more central spot of the design.

PinTypes of Necklines – Halter

High Neck or Turtleneck

This neckline is best suited to a person with a long neck.  It sits right up under the chin and wraps around the neckline area. Turtle necks often have excess fabric that can be folded down to your desired height. These types of necklines are great for keeping warm in Winter.

Types of Necklines TurtleTypes of Necklines TurtlePinTypes of Necklines – Turtle

Keyhole Neck

The keyhole neckline offers different opportunities to flatter the chest and adds a jewel-like opening close to the neck.  Different shapes of keyholes can be created.  This neckline does not really suit bigger busted figures unless you want lots of cleavage showing (which you may!)

Types of Necklines KeyholeTypes of Necklines KeyholePinTypes of Necklines – Keyhole

Illusion Neck

This is a very popular bridal fashion.  A lacy or net type of material is used to create a see-through look from above the bust to the neckline.  It is best worn with a strapless bra. 

Types of Necklines IllusionTypes of Necklines IllusionPinTypes of Necklines – Illusion

Off the Shoulder

This neckline takes the eye of the beholder to a wider line of interest. The neckline is off the shoulder and is ideal for narrow shoulders.  It is a dramatic, summery look and best worn with a strapless bra.

Types of Necklines Off ShoulderTypes of Necklines Off ShoulderPinTypes of Necklines – Off Shoulder


The plunging neckline or deep V is dramatic and elongates the frame of the wearer.  It is best suited to the confident woman and may need some kind of tape to keep it in place and avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Types of Necklines PlungingTypes of Necklines PlungingPinTypes of Necklines – Plunging

Queen Anne Neck

This neckline is named after Queen Anne.  It is fashioned in two parts – the sweetheart neckline in the front which is upheld by sleeves or straps at the side to hold it in place.  It is very popular as a wedding style of neckline.

Types of Necklines Queen AnneTypes of Necklines Queen AnnePinTypes of Necklines – Queen Anne

Round or Crew Neck

The crew-neck is also known as the round neck.  A basic, simple neckline that suits many different body shapes and is one of the most common types of necklines.  A crew-neck minimizes the amount of chest showing and this gives the idea of a shorter neck and fuller chest area.

The U-neck is a longer version of the round neckline.  It opens up the neck area and the shape of the neckline is like a U.

Types of Necklines - RoundTypes of Necklines - RoundPinTypes of Necklines – Round

Scoop Neck

This is a deeper, wider neckline that flatters everyone.  It lengthens the neckline and shows off the collarbone. 

PinTypes of Necklines – Scoop

Spaghetti Strap

Spaghetti strap necklines have thin straps holding up the garment. The neck may be round or v-shaped and is very open and cool.

Types of Necklines - Spaghetti StrapTypes of Necklines - Spaghetti StrapPinTypes of Necklines – Spaghetti Strap

Square Neck

This retro neck style gives a lovely contrast to curves and helps to elongate a short neck and narrow shoulders.

Types of Necklines Square NeckTypes of Necklines Square NeckPinTypes of Necklines – Square

Strapless Neck

A strapless top shows off the upper body area.  Collar bones, necks and shoulders all get highlighted by the strapless neckline. Definitely a neckline for weddings and formal occasions.

Types of Necklines StraplessTypes of Necklines StraplessPinTypes of Necklines – Strapless

Surplice Neck

The extra fabric in the design of the garment crosses from one side of the bodice to the other side and fits into the waist.  It gives a crossover effect and is a great way to define a waistline.

Types of Necklines SurpliceTypes of Necklines SurplicePinTypes of Necklines – Surplice

Sweetheart Neck

The sweetheart neckline is very flattering and a great way to show off natural curves and enhance the bust. It is just a sweetheart of a neckline!

Types of Necklines SweetheartTypes of Necklines SweetheartPinTypes of Necklines – Sweetheart


This is a very universal complimentary neckline.  It has the ability to lengthen a shorter neckline and balance broad shoulders.  It draws the eye inwards and places less emphasis on a wide torso.

A variation of the v-neckline, the cut-out V, has slits cut out of the side of the V-neck and this adds to the variety and individuality of the neckline.

Another variation of the v neck is the criss-cross neckline which is made up of a series of straps or strings that cross over one another.  They form a lattice effect.  The number of strings and the size of the strings is left to individual taste.

Types of Necklines V NeckTypes of Necklines V NeckPinTypes of Necklines – V Neck

Types of Necklines – In Conclusion

Necklines really enhance a garment and should be worn to flatter and suit your tastes.  Choosing the right neckline can make all the difference to the style and the overall appearance of any outfit. 

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