Unique Gift Idea for Children

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Today, like every Saturday, my two daughters and I went to the mall. It is one day just the three of us can spend some “girl time” shopping,

looking at clothes, and have lunch. All week they’ve been asking to visit a new store that recently opened… “Build-a-bear”. I’ve checked

them out online and they seemed over-priced, but I went anyway.

I was impressed.

It was actually very fun.

First you pick out a Bear (or cat or dog etc). It’s just an empty stuffed toy. My oldest, 12 years old, picked a soft tan teddy bear aka READ BEAR, and my youngest, 6 years old, picked a white cat, aka SASSY KITTY.

Then we waited in line with other eager children and their limp, unstuffed bears, cats and dogs. While waiting in line you can see displays of clothing, shoes, accessories, costumes and more… all for your bear.

After a 10-15 minute wait in line, we reach the “Stuffing station” – They hook your bear up to a machine and add the stuffing! The kids get to step on a foot paddle to work the machine. When stuffed, they add a little heart…but not until the kids make a wish, and add things like love, smarts etc etc to it. Then the heart is added to the insides and sewn up.

Next the best part!! Clothes shopping! My kids got one complete outfit each. But now I know what to tell friends and relatives to get them for christmas! Build-a-bear gift cards, or a new outfit are wonderful unique gift ideas for kids! Now it will be easier to shop for those kids who “have everything”.

Before checking out, you visit a few more stations, naming, and dressing (we didn’t dress them there, we took them home to dress-up). The kids even get a gift certificate with their bears name and birth date. At checkout the kids get an adorable little “home” or box for there new friend, shaped like a house.

You can visit the build a bear workshop webpage at to find a store near you, buy gift cards/bear bucks, or just have a look at what they have to offer.

By the way, I do not work for build-a bear, I am just a big fan of their incredible product/service and hope to share this unique gift idea!

write by Anselm

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