Unique & Original Holiday Gift Basket Tips

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and chances are good that you will need a gift for a gift exchange or perhaps a lovely hostess gift, or a present for someone that appears to have everything. Many people like to buy gifts for people like their doctors’ or dentists’ offices, postal carriers or co-workers; it can be difficult to locate a present that won’t appear cheap while not spending a bunch of money.

A perfect alternative to buying a gift is to assemble a basket that has a theme. There is a wide variety of different ideas that you might want to use, one of the easiest and most popular is a pasta gift basket which could include items such as spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce, imported cheeses and if you really want to get more in depth you can throw in a cookbook, an apron and a bottle of fine wine.

One of my favorites for holiday gift giving is a coffee basket. Nearly every person enjoys coffee drinks at some time, particularly during the chilly winter season. A coffee gift basket can be really inexpensive create, or you can bump it up a notch if you want a higher end gift. For the more affordable option, you can buy trial sizes of a few different blends of coffee at any coffee specialty store. These handy sizes brew just one pot and are the ideal size for a small type coffee basket. I really don’t recommend using super market coffee for a gift giving because it just doesn’t seem the most appropriate.

You could also put in a few extra items for a nice touch such as coffee flavorings, coffee mugs or chocolate stirrers. Food items make great additions. Choose items that will taste good with coffee. If you enjoy baking maybe some cookies or biscotti would be a nice addition to the coffee gift basket. If you don’t bake or just don’t have time just go to the local bakery and choose some baked goods. Another nice addition to the gift basket is chocolates. If your budget allows for it you could put in ornaments, books or small blankets.

Any time you are having a difficult time deciding on an appropriate gift for someone a themed gift basket is an ideal place to start. A coffee gift basket is an appropriate gift for anyone. I enjoy putting them together so much I always keep one or two on hand in the event I have to put someone on my list!

write by Rachael Morrison

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