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There are a lot of generic women’s shoes on the market. And I mean a lot. The bulk is comprised of your generic high heels, kitten heels, pumps, wedges and all sorts of other varieties. But if you look closer, you’ll see a wide array of very unique types of women’s footwear that can be considered niche products at best. You won’t see them often and it’s likely that you’ve never considered buying them even if you saw them for sale. So let’s start with the first one.

Spectator Shoes

In the realm of shoes, you’ll almost never come across a lady sporting spectator shoes. But what are spectator shoes anyway? They are a two toned shoe that is almost always low-heeled. Despite the fact that some brands have released their own line-up of high-heeled versions, you’ll only be seeing low-heeled versions most of the time. It is an Oxford styled shoe, which means its lace tabs are located underneath the vamp. It also features brogue or semi-brogue styling which are essentially perforations that form patterns at the front of the shoe. This type of shoe was first invented in the 1900’s and has reemerged sporadically throughout the 20th century. While eternally classy if you can pull them off, they will always be a niche item in the world of women’s shoes.

Dolly Shoes

Dolly shoes are essentially slightly modified flat ballet shoes that were designed for use as everyday wear. As such, they share some characteristics with ballet shoes. Their soles are quite thin although they do not share the same amount of flexibility that ballet slippers offers its wearers. Such flexibility is not needed for everyday wear. Dolly shoes also feature a string tie at the front of the shoe that can be tightened or loosened as needed.

Nude Heels

Ok, so nude shoes aren’t all that rare but you have to admit at the very least that they are out of the ordinary. Or not as ordinary as the vast majority of colors out there for heels. Nude heels have the enviable knack of making your legs seem longer than they actually are. Because it is supposed to blend in with the color of your skin, the unbroken line from the legs all the way to the foot creates the illusion of longer legs. While not common, most major brands have at least a few nude heels in their line-up.

Rare Sizes

Lastly, I want to touch on shoe sizes instead of a particular type of shoe. While most women fall into a general range when it comes to shoe sizes (even when taking genetic influences into consideration), there are a few that have feet that are either too big or too small for most women’s shoes on the market. For those facing this problem in the UK, here are a few websites that produce shoes in sizes that will suit your needs. For those of you that have large feet you may want to try Vivalavida.com, Duoboots and Tagbo for your shoes. For those of you that need smaller sizes, try thelittleshoeshop.com and daintyfeet.co.uk.

write by Cyril / Cyrus

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