Upcycle Applique Rug – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, printed: yellow, 50cm square; green, fat quarter Flat weave rug, 60cm x 90cm Fusible webbing Thread, embroidery, matching Trim, pom pom Fabric dye Salt

Dimensions List

60cm x 90cm

Create an applique rug

Dye a plain weave rug with a colour of your choice by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Download the templates for this project and enlarge as desired. Trace around the flower and leaf motifs onto the paper side of fusible webbing. Iron onto the wrong side of your fabric and cut out.

Remove the paper backing, then place the flowers and leaves onto the rug using the image as a guide. Iron to secure. Add the flower centres on top of the blooms, then iron again.

Using one strand of embroidery thread, blanket stitch the flowers and leaves in place. Use two strands to blanket stitch around the flower centres. 5Lay pom pom trim along the edge of the rug (or hemline to cover the stitches). Pin and sew in place.