Upcycled Denim Slippers – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, denimThread, embroidery, six-stranded: pink; red; purple; yellow

Dimensions List

Size 5½-6½

Stitch a pair of slippers

Download the templates and print. Cut out the fabric pieces and snip all notches as indicated on the pattern. Split your embroidery threads in half to make them three-stranded.

Thread a needle with red cotton and tie at the end with a small, neat knot. Making one shoe at a time, take the two side panel pieces and pin the bottom edges to the sole, wrong sides together. Line up with the notches so that the ends of the side panels finish at the toe and heel fold lines.

Keeping 5mm inside the seam allowance, sew a neat blanket stitch along the two edges, finishing 5mm from each end. Fold up the toe and heel flaps along the fold lines and pin them, wrong sides together, to the ends of the side panels. Sew up all edges using blanket stitch.

Take the top piece and fold down the edge, as indicated by notches. Fix in place with a running stitch. Embroider an eight petal flower motif onto the top centre using satin stitch. When the embroidery is complete, line up the top piece with the notches on the side panels and pin in place. Sew around the edge using a blanket stitch, as before. Repeat to make the other slipper.