Using Humor To Stop Anxiety Naturally

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Have you ever sat back and looked at your issues with anxiety from a stranger’s point of view? It can truly be an eye opening and in my case even a humorous experiences. Everyday we try and justify our fears by explaining to others these new symptoms of anxiety were experiencing, these new thoughts that are leading us on a path of self-destruction etc.

Anxiety Disorder People Do Everything In Their Power To Stay In Line With Their Feared Beliefs!

We believe that we are safe in our feared ways, and whether it’s at work, at home, or even a walk to the grocery store we act the part and this keeps us in our ‘safe zone.’

But What If Humor Could Take Us Out Of Our Safe Zone?

Take 5 minutes from your day every morning, and look at your current fears from a stranger’s point of view. Completely take yourself out of your own mind and body, and into someone else’s for these 5 minutes. Now go over your fears that are triggering your anxiety and panic. For me these were things like:

– Getting into my car and driving 2 blocks away
– Keeping a close eye of my heartbeat just in case it exploded
– Feeling out the imagined ‘lump in my throat’ all day everyday

By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and looking at your fears that are causing you your GAD or panic attacks, you just may come to the conclusion of how truly ridiculous some of the fears you have are. Mental imagery is crucial during this exercise, and you may want to add a comedic part to you as well. For instance when you (the stranger) is picturing the image of you going through the day to fearful to get into your car, you could add floppy Ronald McDonald shoes to your outfit. This just adds to the humor of things.

By No Means Am I Trying To Ridicule Your Fears That Cause Heightened Anxiety

All I want to do is give you 5 minutes of freedom at the start of everyday. That 5 minutes that you brainstorm, and envision your greatest fears from a strangers point of view could be the most important 5 minutes of your day. So give it everything you got, and soon you may be looking at your own fears and anxiety in a whole new more comedic way.

write by Louisa

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