Video Game Review – Limbo – A Uniquely Dark Adventure

Video Game Review - Limbo - A Uniquely Dark Adventure

Video Game Review - Limbo - A Uniquely Dark Adventureblack t shirt

Darkness is the single most detail of the two-dimensional, side-scrolling adventure, Limbo – created by PlayDead Studios. It is available online via Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. The entire game is set in black and white and looks as though you are playing amongst the shadows.

“Limbo” puts a player in the new york yankees t shirt of a nameless boy who is drawn as a black with bright white eyes. His origins are unknown, but his mission is very clear: He must rescue his sister from pending doom undefined but implied by the environment he is in. So he begins on a sideways journey without any dialog, just the eerie sounds of death and destruction.

This game is not a walk through spooky though; the boy confronts many obstacles and puzzles along the way that he must give in to or solve to get knowledge necessary for later tasks.

These are not conventional challenges, either. Many clues are unclear, so the boy will die often as players develop a feel for what to expect as the story unfolds. The road is difficult and it will take some skill to make it through the game.

“Limbo” is not a game to be played by children. It’s sure to be a nightmare-maker for young children and maybe a few adults out there as well. You could play “Limbo” alone in a dark room if you want, but I assure you that you won’t get much sleep that night if at all. If you’re not afraid of the dark, “Limbo” may quite possibly change that.

With it’s fluid animations and easy back-drops, leaps off the screen like a digital dream. This game places the silhouette of a little boy in a world of snapping traps, rising flood levels and the always deadly threat of gravity. It’s a puzzle platform to a minimum. As you trek through forests and industrial warehouses, you’ll encounter new props & life forms that won’t cease to delight.

Generous check-points soften the blow of the numerous deaths you will in fact face throughout the game. Small playing fields leave only a few objects to help you figure out the puzzles and advance in the game. The process of deduction to solve the puzzles usually doesn’t take too long.

Most players will solve the game in just about 3 hours depending on your level of puzzle-solving skills. The game itself only costs around $15.00 so it is affordable by any means. The only question left to ask is will you spend the money to take a walk in “Limbo”?

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