Vintage apron – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton: print, 1m; contrast, 50cmFusible webbing, lightThreadTailor`s chalk

Dimensions List

One size fits most

Download the apron pattern and print it out. Carefully cut out all of the paper pattern pieces, piece and secure together. Iron the fabric flat and pin the pattern shapes to the wrong side of the material. Cut out all pieces, transferring any markings, including the pocket position, with tailor’s chalk; snip all notches. Iron on the interfacing as directed.

Place the fused, interfaced bodice neckline, and the bodice piece right sides facing, carefully pinning them along the curved edges. Sew them together allowing for a 1cm seam allowance and press. Run a line of stay stitching along the edge of the printed fabric 2mm away from the stitched seam.

Hem the two longest sides of the bodice. Take the neck ties and hem the three longest edges. Pin the ties to the top of the bodice, right sides together, line them up with the notches and sew in place. Fold under the 1cm seam allowance along the top edge (snipping through the seam allowance at the centre front), press and stay stitch on the front, 2mm away from the top edge. Place all to one side.

Lay the two pocket pieces right sides together and sew along the top edge. Press the seam allowance at the back, turn back over to the front and stay stitch 2mm away from the seam just worked. Hem or bind all four sides of the pocket. Pin the pocket in place where you have marked on the skirt and sew along three sides.

Hem the skirt along the two short sides and the bottom edge. Set the sewing machine to a long stitch length and sew two straight lines along the top edge, 5mm apart, leaving long threads at the ends. Hold the threads and gently pull to gather the fabric. Continue until it is the width of the waistband (approx 35cm). Change to a straight stitch setting on your machine and sew between the two gathered rows to secure.

Prepare the waist ties as for the neck straps, hemming the three longest sides. Take the two waistband pieces: the fused section needs to be at the front, and the edge with notches needs to be at the top. Put these right sides together and between them enclose the bodice, correctly lined up with the centre front and notches; also enclose the waist ties along the shortest edges. Sew along the three sides.Turn out and press.

Tuck in the two raw edges on the waistband and insert the skirt with them. Pin securely in place and stay stitch along the bottom edge of the waistband, 2mm from the edge to secure in place.