Vintage Wooden Peg Christmas Angel – Free sewing patterns


Free Vintage Christmas Angel kit Acrylic paint: yellow or brown, black, pink Glue Paintbrush

Make a blonde fairy

Use acrylic paint and a fine brush to paint hair, eyes and a mouth onto the rounded top of the wooden peg from the kit, using the photo as a guide. When the paint has dried, twist a screw eye into the top and tie a loop of red thread through it. Glue a length of glitter cord around the head to create a halo.

Cut the wide ribbon in half at the meeting point of the two designs and sew the ends of the striped piece together to make a tube. Gather the top edge of the tube with running stitches, slip it over the peg and tighten the gathers to form a waist. Secure the thread tightly and add a dab of glue to prevent the skirt from slipping down.

With three strands of red embroidery thread, work running stitches along the curved lines of crochet lace. Cut the remaining ribbon in half lengthways and fold the long, cut edge by 5mm. Gather the top of the lace slightly and oversew it to the folded ribbon edge.

Wrap the ribbon and lace around the top of the body so it overlaps the top of the skirt and slip stitch the join at the back. Cut the net in half, round off the corners and gather up the centres to form wings. Sew these to the back of the bodice. Make a tiny bow from gold ribbon to stitch to the top of the lace overskirt.

Create a brunette dolly

As for the blonde version, paint facial details onto the top of the peg and fix a screw eye into the head, with a loop of red thread tied through it. Cut the wide ribbon in half and lay the crochet lace over one edge of the circular patterned print of ribbon, sewing into place with three strands of red embroidery thread.

Use another length of thread to couch a piece of glitter cord along the top of the lace. Wrap the ribbon around the doll, so the lace trim sits at the bottom, and oversew the long edges together at the back. Fold the netting in half lengthways and gather the raw edges together with running stitches, to tighten it around the waist of the doll, with the join at the back.

Wrap a short length of narrow ribbon over the gathering of the netting and sew them together at the back. Knot the remaining narrow ribbon, trim the ends into inverted ‘V’ shapes and stitch to the side of the waist.