Vixen Pirate Wench Costumes

Vixen Pirate Wench Costumes

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Vixen pirate wench costumes can be some of the most authentic costumes. These are period pieces, dates back, to those first colonial days. Having the historic appeal of the time, many women will opt to wear these costumes. Vixen pirate wench costumes, can be worn for various occasions. They are appropriate as a fun Halloween costume. These costumes can also be great for theme parties or events.

It doesn’t matter whether your attending a Renaissance fair or a pirate party. You will look like a real wench in this costume. There are various styles of these costumes, so you will be able to find the right one for you. Not only are these costumes, authentic, but vixen pirate wench costumes, can be accompanied with wonderful accessories.

The accessories are true to the period, as well. With these you will be able to perfectly compliment your costume. Most of these vixen costumes will come with a real corset style dress. The dress can be found in a mini dress length. The dress is finished off with gorgeous ruffles that give the look of a real wench style.

The corset can be purchased in a design that looks practically velvety. Corsets, which have the double lace-up appearance, are very popular. With this traditional look, any woman will be able to step right into their pirate wench role. Once you see this costume, you will be certain that this is the right choice.

Choosing your accessories, will be the perfect enhancement to your costume. Some of these are going to be, must have items. Women often buy the beautiful petticoat, available for this costume. This petticoat fits under your skirt, lifting it and giving you the flamboyant flare you’ll want to achieve.

Another accessory, is a pirate’s hat. These hats for women are absolutely striking. You will be able to perfectly match the rest of your costume, with the right hat. These pirates’ hats have the exquisite detail of the period as well. The colors of your hat can compliment the rest of your costume. This is a good item, to complete your entire look.

Shoes are also an important accessory. Finding the right shoes, or boots are going to be a crucial part of your ensemble. Some women will choose high heeled pumps for their vixen look. Others, however, will be looking for classic boots. Boots with the pirate theme, are always great choices. Along with any shoes you choose, you’re going to need hosiery.

Hosiery is a small item, but really enhances the overall costume. Most vixen pirate wench costumes, will best be accompanied with fishnet hose. These types of hose can be purchased separately. Keep in mind, that there are, a variety of fishnets available. Take some time to find the ones that suit your own individual taste.

Jewelry is another fantastic accessory. Whether you choose a jeweled choker, or a different type of necklace, these are good accents. Earrings can also add a beautiful touch to your pirate’s theme!

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