Voyage to Accra

Voyage to Accra

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If you are planning a West African excursion, you certainly will not want to miss Ghana’s bustling capital, Accra. You might even decide to turn a memorable day visit there into an exciting extended stay. Enjoy this richly historical coastal city, taking in exotic attractions by day, then relaxing in one of Accra’s lush hotels at night. And minimize the stress of extra driving and interpreting directions. Take advantage both of Accra’s traditional and its modernized public transportation. Set off on an enviable journey, a vacation that is sure to exceed your expectations.

It is wise, first, to consider practical matters, and the most significant of those is mobility. In Accra, Ghana you can choose from a combination of time-saving and convenient transportation options. Flights into Accra touch down at the famous Kotoka International Airport, which serves as a major hub between the Atlantic coastal cities as well as facilitating international links. You might wish to consult an online Accra airfare consolidator to manage flight expenses.

In addition to its sophisticated railway and highway systems, the capital city features several public transit options. You can hire a privately-owned mini-bus (known as a tro-tro) if a vehicle on a fixed route suits your schedule. Taxis, which might also operate on a regular route, are more comfortable, and somewhat more expensive. Accra most recently offers a faster, more poplular metro bus service.

In addition to its lovely stretches of beach, Accra, Guana boasts a number of cultural attractions and historical sites. See the Perpetual Flame at the Cenotaph in Liberation Square, which commemorates Ghana’s 1957 emancipation from the United Kingdom. Visit Osu Castle, home of Guana’s president. Browse beautiful and diverse paintings at the National Museum, which also houses ethnic and anthropological artifacts. For everyday goods from food to shoes to kitchenware, shop at Accra’s business center, Makola Market.

The most highly recommended hotels in Accra, Ghana hotels range in price from less than $20 U.S. to about $208 U.S. The modern African-designed Golden Tulip boasts luxurious accommodations as well as numerous amenities. Guests enjoy golf, casino gambling, and swimming, with the convenience of high speed internet and the pleasure of top-notch hospitality. Choose the Fiesta Royale in Accra for a blend of luxury and convenience. Located near the airport and the city centre, this hotel makes commuting easy. And the affordable Crystalline Hostel offers a cozy traditional living experience. Let staff cater to you while they share your accommodations and offer you signature Ghanan hospitality.

In addition to a general overview of Accra, Ghana—its transit options, tourist sites, cultural and commercial establishments, and accommodation alternatives, you are probably interested in what other travelers say about this intriguing destination. Travel blogs about Ghana’s capital city are an excellent source of first-hand information. Enthusiastic families share vacation journals, digital photos, and even videos of their experiences. Select a few Accra, Ghana travel blogs, and bring this article about the beautiful capital of Ghana to life.

Accra, Ghana is compared in travel literature to Chicago, IL, United States, and Washington, D.C., our own capital city. Accra’s intriguing mix of the commercial, the urban, and the historical lends it broad appeal. Some guests enjoy the fast-paced, richly populated locale, while Accra’s lovely artifacts and the rustic coastline appeal to others. Many find perfection in the combination of both–and in the lush accommodations that await them at the end of each unforgettable day.

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