Want Weekends of Fun? It’s Time to Join a Softball Team!

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A few months ago I joined a softball league. I was always “anti-softball” due to the rumors that on every softball field, there was some “has been” player, loaded up on steroids, hitting the ball into the parking lot every pitch. I had heard a skit that Jim Rome does about “softball guy” and all the funny things that “softball guy” does to prepare for a game, to play in a game, and to compete in tournaments. So I was finally convinced to join a team that my brother and his co-workers put together.

I went down to the local softball sporting goods and wanted to get all geared up for my new weekend adventure. I was so surprised to see how much softball equipment was available to purchase. They had softball bats from about five different companies, different weights, lengths. Some of the bats are not allowed in some leagues, ASA leagues, and other different regulations. They had the coolest turf shoes that I have ever seen. I never thought that they made softball turf shoes that looked so stylish and durable. They also were offering this new style of silk screening called sublimation. I was told that all the league teams are getting their uniforms done this way, so I had to give my brother an extra twenty five dollars for the uniforms. I purchased a softball bat for the low price of $299, bought some softball shorts, and a pair of batting gloves, and was on my way.

Our first weekend playing this game was worth all the money. We had a beautiful day, lost the game 4-1 but it was so intense, but so much fun. I know that leading up to the game and buying softball gear, getting ready, taking a barbeque for afterwords was a major ordeal, but I do have a new outlook on playing recreational softball.

I look forward to writing about our tournament run pretty soon. Our team isn’t that good, but we are going to get better, and with the right softball gear we are sure to compete on everybody’s level.

write by Charles Minadeo

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