Was His the Biggest Penis in History? Warning – Be Careful What You Wish For!

Was His the Biggest Penis in History? Warning - Be Careful What You Wish For!

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In this article we are going to talk about the rise and fall of the man, and legend of one of the largest documented penis’s in the world. John Curtis Estes was the celebrated adult film star who almost singlehandedly (no pun intended)revolutionized and launched the adult film start industry on account of his unbelievably large member. His “stage” name was John Holmes, and the incredible size of his penis literally launched a series of full length adult films that were little more than a showcase for his huge natural talents. In the end though, it appears like this incredible “gift” may have been a curse…and what led to his bizarre life experiences, and ultimately, an untimely death 20 years ago this year. Read on..:-)

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There is a tremendous amount of mythology about the TRUE size of John Holmes, but there are many recorded measurements that placed him at 14 inches long…which according to most medical records, may in fact be the LONGEST penis ever measured. Some fellow actors in the adult industry have confirmed his size as EXACTLY that…while others contend that in fact, he was not quite that big. Holmes himself was known as a provocateur and avid self promoter….so his OWN measurements need to be taken with a bit of a grain of salt….although he regularly claimed to be over 14 inches long.

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Holmes claimed to have had sex with over 14,000 women in his life…another fact that many have claimed was an exaggeration. He claimed to have lost his virginity at age 6 to a Swedish nurse, too..:-) What is NOT subject to much debate is the HUGE popularity Holmes experienced with women EVERYWHERE who were fascinated with his size, as evidenced by the many adult film stars who wanted to work with him, and the plethora of private affairs he had, all while married to any one of his 3 or 4 wives.

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John Holmes became addicted to drugs at the height of his popularity….which ultimately, led not only to his untimely death in 1988, but more prominently, his role in one of the most brutal murders ever discovered in Los Angeles – the Wonderland killings. While his participation ( or not) in these killing remains a huge debate, even today ( and has been featured in several movies – including the movie of the same name featuring Val Kilmer as Holmes) what is NOT disputed was his central role in the robberies and thefts, and involvement with ALL of the parties who were found dead….and suspected in the murders to boot. It’s a fascinating study of fame, wealth and power…and tragic downfall to boot. And what’s even MORE amazing is the fact that save his ENORMOUS penis, Holmes had very little experience, or expectation in ever becoming such a big star. ( no pun intended again!)

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Many people use Holmes as an example of just HOW big you can make your anatomy through natural exercise…as by all accounts John Holmes REGULARLY engaged in all kinds of enhancement regimens using his hands. He was actually known to be SO obsessed with his size, that he actually carried around a tape measure, and would “retire” to the bathroom to work on enlargement techniques, and report back on results.

A Fascinating foray into the life and times, and the ultimate self destruction of man who claimed to have the largest penis in modern history!

write by Orborne

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